Content is a huge part of our lives as business owners. It encompasses everything we write, create, post, record and print. Ideally having a strategy around these elements means that we can put forward a consistent image into the digital world.

Writing a strategy can be a job within itself, but here are five elements that you need to nail to ensure your strategy works for you.

Clear objectives and goals

What are you trying to achieve with your content? What is your call to action for each piece of content? Content shouldn’t be produced for content’s sake. A lack of purpose not only is ineffective, it shows a lack of respect for your audience. Make sure you are clear on what you want to get out of producing your content.

Core values

Once we are clear on our values or what our business stands for, we can ensure our content has purpose and meaning. Meld Business Services is about honesty, trust, sharing knowledge freely and from the heart, empowering others and supporting mums in business. This drives every piece of content that is produced. Including this blog!

Consistent branding and voice

What does your content LOOK like? Is it seamless across all visual aspects of your business? Are there consistent elements that weave there way through your graphics, website and social accounts? You need to be so precise, even down to what colours that you use. Meld Business Services is black white and gold, with some purple thrown in for good measure. I know the #HEX numbers for the colours and NEVER stray from it.

Branding also relates to how your content SOUNDS. Is it conversational? Formal? Are you talking to your BFF? For me, my voice has definitely developed over the years from professional to more conversational both in my blogs and social media posts (my website is next on my list!).

Your ideal client

How intimately do you know your ideal client? Every piece of content needs to be written with them in mind. Otherwise you’re just going to be wasting your time. Knowing your client also means that you will know where they hang out and will be able to target your time efficiently.

Write down everything you know about your ideal client – what they like to do, what keeps them up at night, their struggles and passions. Then refer to it every time you need to produce content for them.

Systemise by using a calendar

For the love of all things content, please put a system in place! Besides avoiding the overwhelm that can creep into your life from social media, it will make you so much more organised and efficient. Map out overarching themes for each month and themes for each day. Schedule a month in advance and that way you are not tied to the thought that you need to post something each day.

Your content strategy does not have to be a 50 page document. A one page reference will ensure that every piece of content that you produce fits within these guidelines. Jot down your ideas for each of the abovementioned headings and pin it somewhere prominent as a reminder. Your content will thank you for it.

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