Many people dismiss the idea that emails are still an effective marketing tool. Some say that it’s no longer an effective tool as our inboxes are overflowing and it’s too hard to stand out from all the noise. I say that’s crazy talk! Email is one of the smartest ways to educate, sell and warm your leads without you having to have a personal conversation with every single one of them. Here are some reasons why I believe that email is an important part of your marketing toolbox.

It belongs to you

Email lists are something that you ‘own’. Unlike your Facebook page or Instagram account, you control what happens to your audience. What would happen if Facebook and Instagram disappeared tomorrow? Would you still be able to make sales? Would people still be able to find you?

Behind your website, your email list is one of your most important connections you have with your potential clients.

Drive traffic to your website

Well written and targeted emails can help you get more eyes on your website. More eyes on your website, means more engagement, more opportunity for people to find out more about you, read your blogs or find more valuable information that will help them become warmer leads and lean towards purchasing from you.


Emails are a great way to educate your audience – whether it’s about your skills, abilities, how to do something, how to work with you or solving their perceived problems. It’s your opportunity to guide them to working with you.

Launch tool

Emails are a vital way to communicate whilst you’re going through a launch phase. Not only can you educate about your new ‘thing’, but you can use emails strategically to set up teasers, run a five day challenge in the lead up, create mini sales funnels and finally to announce the actual launch.

Effective sales funnel tool

Sales funnels {LINK} are a way to nurture your leads and turn them into clients. A series of automated emails helps you to systemise and scale, and can do the work for you. Consider a nurture series when they first join your mailing list, a video series delivered via email to lead to the purchase of your service or a min sales funnel based on their interests.

The benefit of these emails is that you can continue to nurture the relationship in a scaled way, without the need to directly sell or have one on one conversations with every potential client. The emails will be doing the sales process for you whilst you are doing what you do best!

Email marketing is far from dead! Just make sure you are using it effectively and efficiently and always have your ideal client in mind when you create them. This will ensure that your message is delivered exactly how you intend and that you will attract the right kind of person to your service.

If you’d like to know more how you can get started with email marketing, visit my packages page or drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

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