Thinking bigger is about giving yourself the time and space to imagine the possibilities. It doesn’t necessarily mean spending time strategising ways to make your business bigger. Thinking bigger is all about wondering how you could do things differently and expanding your ideas and knowledge.

Here’s 5 reasons why you need to start thinking bigger for your business.

Challenge yourself

When you think bigger it allows you to humour ideas or strategies that may’ve previously ignored or dismissed. Challenging and stretching yourself is when personal growth happens.

It helps you seek out inspiration and become more creative in your problem solving, which only benefits you and your business!

Thinking bigger and challenging yourself means you’re learning new skills and ideas that stretch your thought processes or abilities. It may even mean being part of community that supports you through these challenges. Imagine how great you’ll feel accomplishing a new skill, new way of thinking or new strategy to implement.


Sometimes life (and business) can become a little bit Groundhog Day. When you’re in your comfort zone and running your business becomes easy, you end up just going through the motions and feeling indifferent.

Thinking bigger may give you the motivation to try something different or give you inspiration to seek out bigger goals. Besides possibly growing your business, you’ll bring more energy and joy to your daily life.

Attract opportunities

When we challenge the way we’re thinking, we attract new opportunities. Bigger thinking opens yourself up to bigger possibilities, so that you’re paying more attention with the right opportunities come along.

It’s amazing how once I vocalised that I wanted to guest on podcasts, that so many speaking opportunities came my way.


Thinking bigger gives you back a sense of excitement and love of life. The huge benefit of feeling fulfilled is that it helps sustain an enriching and happy life. We’re doing something or creating something that brings us joy. Which leads me to the next point . . .

Create a business and life you love

Thinking bigger gives you the permission to visualise what could be possible for your life. It gives you goals to formulate and focus so that you can achieve a business and life that you really love.

Thinking bigger in your life and business takes practice. But it also takes time. Expand what’s possible, and anything becomes possible.

If you’d like to think bigger and challenge yourself when it comes creating stand out content for your audience, whilst being supported by an inspirational community of like-minded women, then come and join The Content Effect.

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