Constantly coming up with new content ideas can be exhausting. Sometimes it’s so exhausting that we put it in the too-hard basket and don’t even bother creating content at all. And that’s probably the worst possible thing you can do for your business’s success.

So instead of throwing your hands in the air in disgust and walking away, I’m going to give you five different places you can look inside your business for your next content idea.

What you sell

When was the last time you actually spoke/wrote/recorded about the thing that you sell? When we’re in the thick of our businesses it can feel like we’re constantly talking about what we sell, but you’d be surprised at how little some people may know about it. After all, not everyone sees all of our content! Think about:

  • The steps involved in your service
  • The components of your service or packages
  • Why it’s important
  • The benefits (not the things, but the possibilities you provide in your clients’ lives)

Who you serve

This may sound a little strange for a content idea as you should already know who they are (download my Un-boring ideal client avatar if you’re not quite sure), but what are they interesting in outside of your zone of genius?

My beautiful ideal clients (and hopefully that’s you as you’re reading this blog!) want to know how to make more money and have a successful business. So, besides content, which is my zone of genius, what else would they want to know about?

There’s a whole heap of topics such as managing numbers, building a brand, business coaching, creating a website, copywriting, business photography, wellness, self-care. I think you get the idea!

Whilst these topics aren’t my zone of genius, I can certainly collaborate with other people so that they can provide the content to my audience. And that’s the best content idea of them all, because you don’t have to create it!

Why you sell

This is all about the possibilities that you create in your ideal client’s life. Who can they be after working with you? Or what can they now do or have as a result?

Also, what do they need to hear right now? What they are feeling, thinking or doing that you can help them with? Sometimes we get so caught up in the strategy of saying the right thing that we forget that it’s about the human we’re connecting with.

Your industry

What’s going on in your industry at the moment that you could add value on comment on? Is there a regulation, system, trend or software that’s changed recently? You could also find some statistics that would be of interest or that may shock or surprise your audience.

About you and stories you have to share

Who knew that you were the best source of content ideas? Here’s a few ideas on what you could share:

  • Values, core beliefs, vision
  • Your passions outside of your business
  • What you’re working on in your business
  • What’s happened this week/ month/ year? Share the story, your perspective and the lesson

Content ideas are everywhere in our lives and business. Sometimes we just need to look a little harder than usual to find them.

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