I get it. You’re busy trying to keep your business baby afloat and do #allthethings. There is a lot to think about, so much we could be doing and big dreams to follow. On top of this there is social media, blogging and email marketing to create as well. All of this pressure an you can end up in content overwhelm.

I know because I’ve been there.

Here are my four tips to help you overcome that content overwhelm. They aren’t all quick solutions, but I can guarantee that once you have them in place, you will feel more organised and back in control of your content.

Have a strategy

This is the number one sure fire way to kill overwhelm. If you know exactly what content that you need to create for your ideal client and more importantly the purpose for creating and publishing it, then it’s goodbye overwhelm street. A content strategy provides you with a specific roadmap that guides your creation, so you clearly understand how it moves your client through the sales funnel. No more creating content on the fly and putting it out in the digital world hoping that it will convert someone!


Understand what you can commit to

This is at the heart of all my work with my clients. There is no point having a strategy that has you posting three times a day on Facebook, blogging and emailing every week if you can’t keep up with that level of consistency.

Your content strategy not only has to do its job in terms of educating, driving traffic and converting, but it also needs to align with you and your individual circumstances. Overcommitting to content publication will only stress you out further, lead to burnout and leave your ideal client feeling bewildered and overwhelmed too!

Keep to a routine

If it’s in the calendar, it’s a non-negotiable. If it’s too hard to set aside an entire day each month to plan and create, then diarise each piece individually. I plan my entire year of content upfront, but then set aside an hour each fortnight to write my blog and then a few hours once a month for social media and marketing emails.

In time, batching will become your friend and make it easier to focus, create, publish and retreat!


I’m the world’s biggest advocate for repurposing content. I know that your eyes are probably glazing over right now at the mere mention of the word, but please do it!

Repurposing takes away the overwhelm of constantly coming up with new ideas. It’s about taking what you already have and systemising it in a way that saves time, still provides your ideal client with valuable content and reduces the pressure on you to be constantly creating something new.

I’m the queen of repurposing! Every blog turns into tips and quotes. Every email shares something from my website and social media pages. If you have videos or podcasts, transcribe them and put them on your website. Post FB Lives onto IGTV. Everything you write or create can be used more than once.

Remember that your content overwhelm comes from a place of disorganisation and feeling out of control. The best way to reign that in is to start with a content strategy. If you don’t have one in place, reach out to me here and let’s talk about where you need to start.

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