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Creating content is all about giving value to your ideal client in such a way that they want to become your best friend. But how do you go from a wave hello across the street to a full on hug with your new BFF? The key is providing them with content at the right point of time in their client journey that creates a true connection.

Just like your IRL BFF, your business BFFs need to feel like you’re listening to them, you understand their problems, their life and what they love to do in their spare time. This is what connection is all about.

And the result? An engaged ideal client that will want to snap up your offers with a ‘hell, yes!’.

So what’s at the very core of connected content?


Understanding your ideal client

This is a deep dive into their darkest secrets kind of understanding. You need to be looking past their age, their marital status or how many children they have into what keeps them up at night, what do they think their problem is and how you actually solve it for them.

(Tip: if you are looking for material on how to create a compelling client avatar and then attract them with the right marketing messages, check out Jessica Osborn, Marketing Coach’s Ideal Customer Avatar Masterclass.)

Providing value

The next step to use connection is then to use your content prowess to provide value, value and more value! Think:

  • social media posts that answers questions they may have or provides an insight into your personality, values or life

  • blogs that meet them exactly in their journey with you and delivers answers to questions that didn’t know they had

  • an email marketing nurture sequence that drip feeds them the right information at the right time.


Connection and systemisation

Some people believe that connection means writing copious amounts of content, creating social media posts every day or sending a newsletter every week. Feeling like you need to continually come up with new content all the time is a fast track to burnout city.

When you systemise your content, you don’t lose the connection. Systemisation involves a simple process and requires you to create only one piece of key content. Yep, just one.

Whether it’s a blog, video, Facebook Live or long form social media post, you can reuse this content in different ways in smaller pieces. As long as the original piece of client has been designed with your ideal client in mind, the smaller pieces are going to work too! Catch my drift?

Creating connected content with ease is a combination of strategy, understanding your ideal client and delivering content where and when they need it. This helps your ideal client move through your sales funnel so you can get to that ‘hell yes!’ quickly.

Drop me a line here if you need help understanding how to best use your content in your sales funnel.

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