sales funnel describes how a client moves through the purchase process with you. This is from their first introduction to you (usually via a free or very low cost offering) through to the purchase of your star product.

As the funnel narrows, the number of people that progress towards your star offering decreases. So at the top of your funnel, where you offer free value, you will attract a large number of people. As you progress to your low cost offer, and then your star, you will notice natural attrition. Not everyone who takes up your free offer will progress to purchase your star offer. And that’s fine.

Email marketing describes the way that you communicate with your audience via email. Depending on which school of thought you follow, will depend on how often you send emails to your list and how you structure them. Email marketing can be used in a number of ways in your sales funnel. Here’s a couple of ways.

Let your audience know of free valuable content

At the top of the sales funnel is your free content. This is where you collect email addresses via freebies (also known as opt-ins or lead magnets), provide value via blogs or share content rich videos. So if you’re providing blogs and videos, how do you let people know about them? One way is via distribution to your list. So email marketing can highlight to your audience the existence of more valuable free content which in turn increases your perceived expertise and trust factor.

Promote other leads

Email marketing is a great way to further your audience along in the sales funnel. You can promote opt-ins that you have specially created for your low cost offering which moves them further into the funnel.


There are many great functions of the email marketing platforms, one of which is segmentation. You can use segmentation up front when first collecting email addresses with your freebie. Or use people’s responses to questions in your emails to segment them into what they are interested in, where they are at in their business, which product or service they are particularly interested in.

Market research

You can use emails to your list to seek feedback or to test the waters on a product or service that you’re thinking of launching. You can also find out their appetite to learn something new or more about them personally so that you can refine your offering.

Automations moving through the funnel

The most efficient way to use email marketing is to use the automation functionality. This is now included in the free version of MailChimp, plus all paid platforms. Automations set up a series of emails based on different triggers or segmentation.

You can easily set up a number of emails which provide free value and increase your expertise status that slowly moves a fairly cold lead into a warmer one. Eventually you can lead them to purchase your low cost product, then once they have purchased (the trigger) you move them into the next series of automations which engages them and continues to build your expertise status until the feel comfortable purchasing your star.

Of course, you don’t leave them in the lurch there! Automations can be used to nurture and continue to provide value to your most valued clients.

Any business can use email marketing, and in particular automations to provide value and service to their email list. If you need help with your email marketing, drop me a line and we can have a chat.

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