Blogs are articles, like this one, that you write and provide to your audience for free. They somehow fit into your offerings or are a piece of tangent content that would be of interest to your audience. They are an important piece in your content marketing for a number of reasons.

Increase your know, like and trust factor

If you provide someone with continuous value through blogs, then you are building your ‘know, like and trust’ factor with them and increasing the chances that they will become a client of yours in the future.

The more they read what value you provide for free, the more likely that they will be willing to purchase from you. Think of your own experience with making high value purchases. Would you dive right in and purchase a course worth $1,000 from someone if you knew nothing about them, their expertise or whether you even liked them? Consider blogs as one of the building blocks to increase your brand awareness and reputation.

Vital part of your sales funnel

Blogs help nurture your audience in your sales funnel. They provide an easy low-cost way to introduce your audience to your values and knowledge. They can be used in email marketing or email automations.


Google loves fresh content. If you’re regularly publishing new content on your website, then this is one of the many factors that goes towards the Google algorithm that determines your search ranking. One word of caution here – make sure it’s valuable content! Don’t publish for the sake of publishing. Whilst this may help your SEO it will do nothing for your reputation. 

Provide basis for other content (repurpose)

Blogs are a great base for a whole host of other content. You can recreate them into tips, infographics, podcast or video, all of which can also serve as free content. Popular blogs can be transformed into cheat sheets or checklists which can then be used as a freebie in exchange for email addresses. The options are endless! Evergreen blogs can be used in your email automations such as your welcome series or sales funnel.

Exposure to a new audience through guest blogging

Writing for websites or organisations that have a large following is a great way to increase your exposure and authority in the marketplace. You will gain exposure to people that may never have otherwise been able to connect with.

Ideally blogs should be released consistently to gain credibility and momentum. If you’re struggling to find the time to produce blogs on a regular basis, I can write them for you. Drop me a line for more information.

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