We are all in the business of content creation. It’s how we articulate our message, connect with and nurture potential clients and eventually convert them into raving fans.

If your content isn’t creating conversations, or inviting engagement with your ideal client, it may be time for a little inspiration. Here are six ways to become a successful content creator.

Put a strategy in place

First and foremost, the best content creators are those that have a content strategy in place. A strategy defines the what, when, where and why in such a way that every piece of content has a purpose. They don’t waste time and energy on creating pieces of content that won’t move their client along in their journey with them.

Be willing to try new things

A successful content creator is always tweaking their message, testing and refining their strategy so that it aligns with changes in the market and shifts in their ideal client’s thinking. They will give things a good go before abandoning an idea, making sure that they have tested different angles of a platform or different combinations of images and graphics to get the desired effect.

Know your ideal client

Successful content creators really know their ideal client. They are so intimate with them that every piece of copy is written with them specifically in mind. This perfect storm means that the content that they create is well targeted and connects with their ideal client at exactly where they are in the journey with them.

Be consistent

Consistency doesn’t mean posting every day on social media. Nor does it necessarily mean weekly emails or blogs. Consistency is about regularity. Whatever time interval you choose for your content, the best creators stick to it. And consistency is not just about showing up. It’s about making sure your content creation goals are achievable and fit in with you, your available time and your abilities. Whatever feels right, will be right!

Along with consistency, great content creators usually have a system in place which sets out all the steps that are needed to create and promote their content. This process will allow them to repurpose quickly and easily, saving time and energy. This allows them to magnify the impact and reach of the content that they create.

Keeping it real

The best content creators speak from the heart. Their content is not determined by a formula, structure or system. They are not afraid to share their ideas or services despite what others may think. It’s their genuine content that ultimately connects with their ideal client, encourages conversations which then lead to conversion.

Understand the client journey

Along with knowing their ideal client inside out, they understand the value of mapping their client journey. Knowing what their ideal clients are thinking and feeling at each stage of the journey means that they can create content which reaches with perfectly aligned content for their needs. A client journey is a powerful tool to guide your content creation and give purpose to what you’re putting out in the world.

If you’d like to map your client journey and understand how content can be used strategically and purposefully in order to save time and energy, drop me a line. Mapping your client journey is just one outcome of my 9 point content strategy.

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