Your ideal client has a clear and distinct journey with you. From the moment they first lay eyes on you until you provide them with the service they have been looking for, you have several opportunities to use content to take them quickly from connection to conversion.

One of the content tools you have in your content strategy toolbelt is email marketing.

Now the mere mention of email marketing as a way to help your ideal client convert quicker can polarise an audience. I know that there are those of you reading this right now who are feeling a little squirmy, like it’s something that doesn’t feel “right” for you and I’m guessing that the last time you sent an email was to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

I want you to know that email marketing doesn’t have to feel spammy or salesy. These beautiful people have signed up to your list for a reason – because they like you, they like what you say and they want to hear more of it!

So, before we get stuck into how to use email marketing in a way that feels right for you, it’s important to understand how the client journey works.

Your ideal client’s journey with you moves through 5 phases.


Connect: This is the first time that your ideal client sees or hears of you

Build: Your ideal client sees your lead magnet and subscribes to your list

Nurture: You are continuing the conversation with your ideal client and showing them ways in which you can work together

Convert: Your ideal client becomes your client!

Onboard: Making the process of becoming your client easy and memorable

The connect phase is the only phase where email marketing doesn’t play a part in forming a relationship with your ideal client. This stage is more suited to content such as blogs, social media posts, guest podcasting or presence in Facebook Groups. But more of that another day! Here’s how you can use email marketing throughout the other phases:


Once your ideal client has subscribed to receive your lead magnet, you need to deliver it to them! Use an automated email to do this and utilise the opportunity of their undivided attention to tell them a little bit about the lead magnet, about you and where they can find you.

A second automated email checks in on how they are going with your lead magnet and delivers an extra piece of valuable information that helps them take another step towards overcoming their challenge.


Email marketing automations delivered at intervals that feel right for you (and your ideal client) continue to build a relationship and demonstrate your expertise. They get to know you better and understand more deeply how you can help them solve their problems.

Regular email marketing (or newsletters) are also another great way to keep in touch and nurture your ideal client throughout this phase, especially once they have completed your automated email series.

During the nurture phase you might also like to run a webinar or challenge. Emails are vital in either of these projects to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.


Emails sent to your subscribers on a consistent basis that continue to provide value and information that helps them get closer to their optimal outcome or transformation will help them become purchasers. You can also use email marketing in this phase to communicate offers or provide other lead magnets that may take them down a different path to working with you.


The client journey doesn’t end once you land a client! Email marketing is a forgotten tool at this end of journey. It’s an opportunity that many miss to embed their client as a raving fan. Collecting information that you need to be able to work with them, explaining timelines and expectations all in line with your brand is a unique way to demonstrate your professionalism as well as your point of difference.

When your email marketing efforts are supported by other content such as blogs, social media, webinars, challenges and your website, as part of a cohesive content strategy then your ideal client will move through the phases more quickly, shortening the journey between connection and onboarding. My free content creation guide – The Content Roadmap – provides the exact content to use at each phase of the client journey.

If you’d like to know more about how email marketing and other components of content can work together in your client journey, contact me here for a 20 minute chat. I love helping women like you with their content challenges!

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