So, let’s start with the basics. An ideal client is a valued part of your audience that you love working with. It feels easy with them and the relationship flows. Usually they match your personality, way of working or your values. They are your dream client.

An avatar is a detailed description of your ideal client. It’s fun to give them a name and describe everything about them – not just their demographics, but the ins and outs of their life. It includes their challenges, how they consume content, what they love and what irritates them. If you’ve conducted surveys it should include language that they use as well.

It is often one of the most overlooked part of business strategy and is one of the main elements you should go back to if you aren’t making any sales. So, it’s the lynchpin of your success really. This is why you need to care about your ideal client:

Rule #1 When you talk to everyone, you end up connecting with no-one

So, let’s do a little analogy here. If you walk into a crowded room, ready to network or talk to people about what you do, what’s your strategy? If you stand at the doorway and yell at the top of your voice about yourself and your business, then no-one is going to take any notice of you. Except maybe to ask the person next to them who the crazy person is yelling at the top of their voice.

If you take an ideal client approach you will walk into the room, look around, catch someone’s eye and go and start a conversation with them. Gradually talk would come around to what your business is all about and you would tailor your answer to what you’ve already found out about this person.

You are far more likely to have success in gaining a follower or new customer if you know how to tailor your message, deliver it in a way that they appreciate and time it perfectly during the conversation.

Rule #2 When you know your ideal client it’s easier to start a conversation, nurture the relationship and convert them to a client.

When you’ve taken the time to really understand your ideal client, then the conversation comes naturally, engagement is higher, you know what content you need to create to move them along the buying process and can convert them to clients more quickly and easily.

Rule #3 Your ideal client is the core of your content strategy

You can’t create content for social media, blogs or email marketing successfully without knowing everything about your ideal client. For the simple reason that understanding what they like, where they hang out, how much they already know and what else you need to serve them with will shape the direction of your strategy and the types of content you will create.

Moving clients along your sales funnel is an exact science. Serving them content that exactly meets their needs can only be achieved with a comprehensive content strategy that has your ideal client at the core.

If you need to revisit your ideal client, then this free download from Jessica Osborn, Marketing Coach may help. She also has a Masterclass that you can purchase to understand who you are talking to.

For a deep dive into your ideal client and a better understanding of how to use content strategically to connect, nurture and convert them to raving fans, contact me here to enquire about my new Content Strategy Package.

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