If your business is aligned with your ‘why’, it is likely that you live and breathe what you do! You probably think about it 24/7. How to improve, how to automate, how to get more clients, what needs to be tweaked in your strategies. Am I right? So what happens when all this thinking and all this doing becomes so overwhelming that you don’t love what you’re doing any more? It’s happened to me a few times. So, here are a few ideas that can help you love your business again.

Take a break

You know how much you love your kids? But when you have a break from them, how much more you love them?! Treat your business the same way. Whether it’s just half a day to indulge yourself, or a week away overseas. Make sure you make opportunities to stop working. The result is that you will feel more refreshed and ready to bring your ‘A game’ to your business.

Make sure you’re looking after you

How often do we let other things in our life slip? It could be outings with friends, daily exercise, self care or a hobby. What else do you love in your life besides your business? Get back into these things.  Once you start making the time, it becomes habitual and you will find focusing on another activity will clear your brain.

Get help

As women, we (wrongly) believe that we need to do it all. The result of trying to do it all is that we either fall short of our own high expectations and feel like a failure or we exhaust ourselves in the process of pushing ourselves to the limit.

So what can we do? Get help! Asking for help does not make you a failure. Outsourcing is the best example of reducing the amount of tasks on our to-do list. Around the house you can outsource gardening, groceries, cleaning, child minding, ironing or meal deliveries. In your business start with the tasks that you don’t like to do, are not the best use of your time or are not revenue generators.

Mindset and refocus

The way you think about yourself and your business effects your performance. You know how kids hate to go shopping with you? They drag their feet, complain, and make the experience generally negative. If you’re not feeling the love for your business, the same thing happens. You’re less likely to what to nurture it, build it or even work in it!

Do what it takes to refocus. Meditate, journal, see a mindset coach or do the things suggested above. All will help you take a deep breath and refocus on what brought you to your business in the first place.

If you’re falling out of love with your business, it’s time to switch it up! Do something now before you get to the point of exhaustion and not wanting to work for yourself any longer. If you need help with email marketing, copy writing or administration, take a look at my packages. The small investment to take something off your plate could mean the difference to loving your business again.

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