Whilst our goal in business is to make money through converting our ideal client, we can’t solely focus on the conversion process when it comes to our content. In doing so, we’re forgetting that our client goes on a journey with us and before conversion, there’s other things we need to do!

The client journey is a five stage process that takes our client from not knowing anything about us, all the way to becoming a raving fan. It looks something like this:

  • Connect – Your ideal client has just become aware of you. This is the getting-to-know-you phase where you have the opportunity to start meaningful conversations.
  • Subscribe – Your ideal client resonates with your lead magnet and signs up to receive it. This is your opportunity to provide deeper connection and begin to show how you can solve their challenges.
  • Nurture – Your ideal client is on your email list and ready to learn more about you and your services. You aim to wow with value, offers and solutions.
  • Convert – Your ideal client is making the decision to buy from you. Your job is to help them make a confident and informed decision to purchase.
  • Onboard – You have a new client. Help them to feel good about their decision to purchase from you. Make their experience one that they want to tell the world about!

The place that we have the biggest opportunity to make the most impact on our ideal client is in the nurture stage. As they’re on our email list we can use content to our advantage to give them what they need, when they need it through email automations. This, combined with other content such as social media posts and in depth blogs, podcasts or videos will help move your ideal client through the nurture process so that they are more likely to convert.

So, what should you include in your email automations so that your ideal client is more likely to convert? There are 5 main things that you should include:

Your brand story

People buy from people, so don’t be shy on letting your ideal client know about you, why you’re in business or how it all started. Remember, this is not just about you – it’s about strengthening the relationship. Imagine if you went out for coffee and the other person spent the entire time talking about themselves, and you had nothing in common? Give the important bits, but also give your ideal client the space to identify with your story or situation.

Free resources

Yes, you need to give away more free and valuable content. But don’t feel like you need to recreate the wheel here. Point your ideal client to existing blogs, podcasts or videos that tie into the message of your email.

Educate and add value

What does your ideal client need to know to be able to work with you? Think about addressing possible roadblocks or objections. Or even get them thinking about the first step that they need to take when working with you.

Testimonial or case study

It’s important that your ideal client can identify with your previous success stories. They need to be able to see themselves in a similar problem and understand how you provided the solution. If you don’t have any testimonials yet, then create a case study or fictional story based on your ideal client’s challenges.

Call to action

Don’t forget to tell your ideal client exactly what you want them to do. Whether it’s to download, follow, like, watch, read or purchase, be explicit in the next action you want them to take and wherever possible, make sure it’s just one thing. Too many options makes it confusing and too hard and your ideal client will end up doing nothing.

One thing to keep in mind whilst you’re crafting your email sequences is that your ideal client is constantly kept in mind. You should be meeting them with what they’re thinking, feeling and doing at this point in their journey with you. If you’re not sure on exactly who your ideal client is, then grab a copy of The Un-boring Ideal Client Avatar Workbook so you can relate and connect to your ideal client.

If you’d like to. know more about creating content that results in sales, then join my upcoming Content that Converts Masterclass on Wednesday 21 April. We’ll be tackling some common myths, understanding what it takes to convert with content and knowing what to say to your ideal client that will increase your authority and bring in the sales.



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