Looking for ways to improve your visibility? Feel like you’re constantly stuck in quicksand with your efforts to get noticed?

You’re not alone. Everyone struggles with their content being seen and heard, especially when you’re battling social media algorithms and email delivery rates. Visibility may be a recent buzz word, but it’s important to be perceived as an expert in your industry and bring in new clients to your business.

If you’re looking to improve your visibility, then here’s 6 key things that you need to cover off with your content.

Know your audience

If you’re not sure who you’re speaking to, then your content will never land with anyone (well, at least not your ideal clients). When you can not only articulate who they are, but also feel connected to them, then that’s when you’ll start getting noticed.

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Have a message that matters

I’ve spoken about a message that matters on a few podcast episodes (check out episodes 65 and 74), but when you’re really in love with what you want to bring to the world and the change that you want to make, then anything can happen. A message that matters not only speaks to your ideal client, but also feels good for you.

Be consistent

This may be boring for some, but without a doubt it’s one of the most important parts of helping people perceive you to be the go-to-expert in your industry. The more opportunities they get to see and hear you, the more opportunities they have to connect with your message that matters.

Put yourself out there

This one can be a little daunting if you don’t enjoy being in the spotlight. But you don’t have to turn up online by yourself. There’s plenty of businesses out there ready to collaborate with you.

I guarantee that there’s people just like you, wanting to become more visible but feeling overwhelmed. They’d love to hear from you with a suggestion to go live on socials or do a giveaway together.

You can also offer to be a guest. Whether it’s in a Facebook Group, membership, blog, podcast or video series, there’s plenty of businesses out there that would love for you to make their content creation lives easier by helping them with the next idea for their content!

Use your entire content ecosystem

Make sure that you’re using everything at your disposal to reach as many people as possible in a strategic way. I’m not suggesting here that you try and do #allthethings, as that’s going to lead you to overwhelm and burnout.

What I am suggesting is that use the power of reimagination to turn your one piece of content into as many different ways as possible.

Don’t give up

Lastly, please persist! Improving your visibility doesn’t happen overnight, despite what it looks like for others. Visibility is a long-term strategy and requires you to put yourself in situations that may be out of your comfort zone. Keep going, even when you feel like no-one is listening.

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