The answer to visibility has nothing to do with the relationship between the amount of content you create and whether you get noticed and remembered. Most people think that to increase their visibility, it means doing more and being more.

Visibility is the ability to be seen and heard by your target audience and it’s about getting your message in front of the people who matter. In the online space, visibility is more important than ever before with the amount of competition for attention.

Increasing your visibility will lead to increased brand awareness, being seen as the expert, more clients and more personal growth.

So, if it’s important to our business success and creating more content doesn’t achieve it, what is the answer to visibility? Here’s two easy ways to change the way that you create content, rather than create more of it so that your visibility (and confidence) increases.

Bring more YOU

Powerful content will increase your visibility. This is when you create content that’s mindful of the person consuming it, but also feels good to you. It’s about using it with purpose in a way that meets your time, energy and resources.

I don’t mean here that you have to share every single aspect of your life – unless of course you want to and that’s what your audience wants to see.

When you’re pretending to be something or someone that you’re not – whether consciously or unconsciously – not only is it hard work, but your audience isn’t even going to resonate with it.

For people to notice you and become more visible, they need the opportunity to connect with you as a human being first.


The power of reimagination is your secret weapon to creating more content in less time and increasing your visibility at the same time.

By taking your core piece of content (that’s your blog, podcast or video) you can quickly and easily break it down into lots of smaller pieces of content that you can use in your social media or email marketing.

As an example, from a blog I can create a:

  • post promoting people go and read it
  • post on each of the 5 different reasons
  • carousel post with the 5 reasons on each graphic
  • short video and share as a Reel on Instagram or TikTok or YouTube shorts
  • live and talk about the 5 reasons or each of them separately
  • quote from it to promote discussion
  • some questions about it like “what do you think makes content worthy of stopping the scroll?” or “Take a guess at what the number one reason content doesn’t land with your audience” and put them on Instagram, Threads or in my Facebook Group.

There’s SO much you can do and so many places you can put your content. Just remember to take into your time, energy and resources that you have available into consideration. Overstretch yourself and you’ll be back in the space of overwhelm.

If you’d like the support to implement a strategy to increase your visibility, then come and join The Content Effect. You’ll learn how to create stand out content that gets you noticed and remembered in a crowded online space. You can see if doors are currently open here.






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