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In this blog, Money Mindset and Finance Expert Julia Scott upacks the intricate relationship between wealth, mindset, and the unique barriers women face in financial empowerment. Using her own story as an example, Julia’s journey from a chartered accountant to taking a more right-brained approach to money provides valuable insights into overcoming money blocks by leveraging Feng Shui and mindset shifts to attain financial success. 

Julia Scott’s journey from accountancy to money mindset mastery 

Despite a successful career in accountancy, tax advising, and wealth management, Julia felt disconnected from the analytical, left-brained nature of her profession. Her personal journey through divorce and the struggle to manage her own finances post-separation (despite her obvious qualifications and knowledge in this area) served as a catalyst for a profound change in perspective on wealth and money management. 

During her post-divorce she explored Feng Shui and mindset techniques which not only helped her overcome her financial blocks but also led her to explore the unique relationship women have with money. Julia’s approach to financial empowerment combines her vast experience in finance with intuitive methods, helping women understand and overcome their subconscious beliefs that they have about money. 

Money blocks: The invisible barriers to financial freedom 

Julia describes money blocks as any subconscious beliefs that limit our financial potential. She emphasises that these blocks stem from long-standing societal conditioning and personal experiences, often rooted in childhood. Julia stresses the importance of challenging these ingrained beliefs and adopting a more open and curious view towards finances.  

Julia believes that some practical strategies for tackling money blocks, include decluttering your physical and digital space to understanding your money personality (you can take her quiz here). By knowing your money language you can better understand your financial behaviours and patterns. This understanding is crucial for both personal growth and improving dynamics in relationships concerning money. 

Feng Shui and mindset: foundations of financial success 

Julia brings an interesting angle to wealth management by integrating Feng Shui principles and mindset work as essential tools for financial success. She believes that about 80% of financial success is determined by mindset and one’s surroundings, with the remaining 20% involving the actual handling of finances. Through Feng Shui, Julia illustrates how one’s environment reflects and influences their financial state, advocating for a declutter and organised space to foster a clearer, more productive mindset towards money management. 

Success beyond wealth: Redefining financial goals 

Do you believe that there is more to success than dollars? Julia provides an insightful distinction between being rich and being wealthy, with a particular focus on the societal and personal implications of wealth. Julia challenges the notion that success solely equates to accumulating riches, advocating instead for a definition of success that includes freedom, choice, and the ability to support causes through wealth. This redefinition seeks to inspire women to aim for wealth not just for personal gain but as a means to facilitate broader social and personal goals. 

Julia Scott’s approach to finance is a fascinating blend of practical financial advice and deeper discussions around the psychological and societal aspects of money, which includes identifying and addressing money blocks, the role of mindset and environment in financial success, and the empowering potential of redefining wealth and success on your own terms. 

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