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Do you ever feel disconnected from your online business? Like it’s become a replacement for your 9 to 5 and far from the financial freedom you originally desired? 

In this episode of the Powerful Content Podcast, Mel Daniels speaks with Sandy Hanrahan, a business mentor from Abundant Business Training. They delve into the importance of balancing rational strategies with the spiritual and soul, for a holistic approach to online business success.  

Sandy shares her unique journey as a digital nomad, the role of intuition in business, and practical advice for financial management and community building. Listeners will gain valuable insights on creating a business that aligns with personal fulfilment and financial goals. 

00:00 Introduction: Feeling disconnected in business?
00:09 Meet Sandy Hanrahan: embracing rational and spiritual business
00:39 Welcome to The Powerful Content Podcast
01:39 Acknowledgement to Country
02:35 Living the digital nomad lifestyle
06:50 Balancing practical and energetic business strategies
10:37 Understanding your zone of genius
13:20 The role of intuition in business
18:44 Making time for yourself
21:19 The importance of financial awareness
26:41 Building community and collaboration
32:45 Final thoughts and resources 


 About Sandy Hanrahan 

Sandy Hanrahan is a former CFO, Accountant & Business Manager who left the corporate world to work with women in business using her unique blend of practical knowledge & energetic magic. Beyond the traditional world of accounting, Sandy has delved deep into the world of energy work studying intuition, healing modalities and generally anything spiritual she can get her hands on. It’s this unique fusion of practical knowledge and energetic wisdom that she now brings to her business trainings and coaching. Sandy is currently living the digital nomad lifestyle exploring Australia in a caravan with her partner and cheeky café obsessed Labrador. 


Where to find Sandy Hanrahan 

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