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Does the idea of implementing systems in your business freak you out a little? Perhaps you think that your business isn’t big enough for them or that it’s not worth the investment of your time? 

In episode 123 of The Powerful Content Podcast, host Mel Daniels speaks with Nicola Depiazzi of Green Pillars Co, to discuss the importance of systemisation for business growth and how to make your approach simple and easy. Nicola shares the significance of documented systems in achieving scalability and ensuring business future-proofing.  

They discuss the myths surrounding systems, the benefits of systemisation in enhancing creativity and reducing business owner burnout, and the process of becoming a systems thinker. Nicola also offers insights into how even small business owners can start thinking about systemising their operations to enjoy more freedom and success. 

00:00 Welcome to The Powerful Content Podcast
00:59 Acknowledgement to Country
01:17 Introducing Nicola Depiazzi
01:55 From marketing to SYSTEMology
06:02 The importance of systems in business
12:27 Implementing systems for business growth
21:01 Becoming a systems thinker
27:54 Final thoughts and offers 


Learn more about Nicola Depiazzi 

Nicola is an Australian import since 2006, mother of three, avid runner and reader, nature enthusiast, and interested in mindset and personal development. 

After 10 years in sales and marketing roles in the tourism and hospitality space, Nicola started her own marketing company in 2017. Seeing a need, she shifted to coaching mums running businesses from home to help them attract clients in the easiest way possible with the limited time available. 

Now Nicola is all about freeing up business owners and helping them deliver their core products and services on repeat with total consistency every single time. 

Coaching the SYSTEMology framework, she turns chaos into order and creates businesses that can run without the owner so they have more time for the things they love.   With her guidance, entrepreneurs finally unlock the doors to growth, have more money in the bank, and that elusive commodity – time.  


Where to find Nicola Depiazzi 

  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/greenpillarsco 
  • Instagram: www.instagram.com/greenpillarsco 
  • Website: www.greenpillarsco.com 
  • Linkedin: www.linkedin/nicoladepiazzi 


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