Here it is! This is my fifth year of dedicating a word to inspire and motivate me to do things differently, to strive higher, embrace change and overcome challenges.

Embrace, brave, presence and mission have all adorned my vision board over the past years. After a brainstorming session with my beautiful family, I’ve come up with IMAGINE as my word for 2021.

Here’s how I’ll be using Imagine as my word of the year:

Imagine . . .  a fulfilled purpose

My purpose is around teaching and empowering others to live in a connected world.

Thinking about what fulfilling this purpose will feel like will help drive and motivate me to strive to live it every day.

Imagine . . .  the possibilities

I am naturally quite process oriented, strategic and organised. You know those psychological tests where they ask you whether you’d prefer to follow a recipe or ad lib, I’d love to answer the latter, but I find joy in following the steps.

So, learning to imagine the possibilities is about letting go of the logical part of my brain. You know, the one that tells you the 25 reasons why something wouldn’t work, or why it’s not a good idea, or why you’re not ready yet.

Thinking and dreaming about what is possible is so exciting, freeing (and a little daunting) for me. I can have a successful group program. I can have a thriving community in my Facebook Page. I can dream of starting a membership.

Imagine . . .  the impact

Striving to make sure that I live my purpose means having the courage to continue to reach as many people as I possibly can. It means thinking about what difference I can make in the lives of others by being present and on purpose.

Imagine . . .  that I can

When that self-doubt creeps in I’ll imagine what it feels like to overcome my fears. Imagining will help me put myself at the finish line and feel the success.

Imagine . . .  where I could be

I have big ideas and dreams for 2021. Imagining so far has lead me to plan for a membership program in the last quarter of the year. All of my marketing and content effort will be leading into this dream. Imagining reaching and changing the lives and how that would impact my own family and our lives has been instrumental in even humouring this as an idea!

I’m looking forward to bringing more imagination to my business and personal life in 2021. I’m off now to plan my content around my new word. It’s a little bit exciting to be able to bring it all back to the one word. Imagine.

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age and dreams are forever.
—Walt Disney

I’d love to know your word for 2021. Jump into my Facebook Group The Content Project and let me know what it is! The Content Projectors are all about learning, sharing and taking the steps to put it into place for impactful business growth. Putting your intention out into the world will help you focus and create action. Let’s do this!

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