Wowee! What an amazing year. There is no doubt that 2020 has thrown many of us a curve ball, so congratulations on making it through.

I really love this time of year as it gives me a chance to look back on the year that was. I do this with all different parts of my business, including my content (check out my Content Review and Planning Guide if you’re keen to take a closer look too).

I’ve written this blog every year since I’ve been in business so it’s fun to see how far I’ve come and what I’m most proud of achieving during the year.

So, grab a glass of your favourite beverage and let’s cheers our successes and all the things that we can be grateful for in 2020.

Relaunched my business

From virtual assistant to content strategist – this was a big one for me! Not only was it a huge mindset shift, but it was also a lot of work. From branding tweaks, to a new website, new lead magnet and getting real by working with a business coach, there were plenty of late nights to get it all done.

But the reward of the transformation was worth it. Along the way I learnt so much, became clearer on what I wanted to offer the world and how I wanted to deliver it.

Guest podcasts

Last year I wrote about how excited I was to fulfil my mission in 2020 to “connect, teach, inspire and share my knowledge to make a difference in the lives of women.”

One of the ways I’ve managed to do this is guest on some amazing podcasts. Eight in all! Plus, I’ve been able to share live in two Facebook Communities.

I can’t wait to continue to share my knowledge and inspire into 2021.

Master Your Content

Another way that I’ve been able to fulfil my mission to teach and share is through my brand new group program. Creating the content and launching it was so much fun that I’ll be doing it again in 2021! Running the program was pure joy and showed me how much I need to play more in this space.

The Content Project

To round off my mission I’ve recently created a Facebook Group which is super exciting! It’s a small corner of the Facebook world for service-based women to collaborate, share and learn about content. Come and join us if you haven’t already.

There’ll be lots of training sessions (that’s the inspire and share part) so content strategy and creation can become a more enjoyable part of your business journey.

The numbers

It’s true that it’s not everything, but a growth in numbers is always fun to see.

  • 22% growth in Facebook likes
  • 29% increase in Instagram followers
  • 14% in email list growth
  • 100% increase in website traffic
  • 30 Facebook members in 2 weeks

The learnings

It’s been a year of growth on so many levels, but a few of my main learnings include:

  • I’ve started using Facebook Ads, with great success with Engagement Ads. I now need to translate this to Conversion Ads so will be experimenting with these to see what works the best
  • I’ve learnt that I need to show up and be more visible to my audience, not just when it suits me (ie right before a launch!)
  • I know that I crave connection and community so more of my knowledge sharing will be around these themes

To celebrate this year’s successes, I’ll be having a glass of bubbles, of course, but I’ll also be gifting myself some slow time. Time to be with my family and enjoy the little moments that my teen and tween want to hang out with me.

Now it’s your turn. Grab a piece of paper and write down five things that you’ve achieved this year. Don’t think or qualify what you’re writing. Just write and see what you come up with.

If you’d like some specific guidance with reviewing your content, don’t forget to download my limited-edition unconventional Content Review and Planning Guide that’s less about the numbers, and more about you.

Then jump into The Content Project and let me know what you learnt. Any excuse to celebrate with you with another glass of bubbles!

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