It can be a struggle to constantly come up with new content ideas for your business. What with blogs, podcasts, videos, social media and email marketing all demanding your creative energy, it can be a little daunting and a whole lot of exhausting.

If you’re struggling for inspiration on what to create next, here’s 3 unusual sources of content ideas that you can use to motivate you to create again. All of these ideas will take some time to research, but well worth the effort if you’re needing some new insight into your content creation.

You can also check out this blog for sources of content ideas that connect

(Remember – use these ideas for inspiration, not copying!)

Podcasts in your niche

Simply jump onto your favourite podcast app and search for your keyword or industry For example, I might use content marketing as inspiration for The Powerful Content Podcast. You could also use related searches or industries. I might also use phrases like women in business, small business, marketing, social media, email marketing. I think you get the idea!

You’ll be given a list of podcasts as well as individual episodes that relate to your search. Scroll through the episodes to see if there’s any descriptions for which you have an opposite view or could come at the topic from a slightly different angle.

With the podcast list, you might like to read through some of the reviews. The 5 star reviews will tell you what people like about this topic. The 3 reviews will tell you what people think are missing on this topic and the 1 or 2 star reviews will give you an idea of what people don’t like about your topic.

Amazon book reviews

This works in a similar way to the podcasts. Be warned, you can go down a rabbit hole, so make sure that you give yourself a specific time frame to do your research and then stop!

You’ll get the most insight if you find books that don’t have a 5 star average.

If you hover over the stars, then you can quickly view the number of ratings and how they’re broken down. Clicking straight through to 3 stars for example will tell you what reviewers think is missing from the topic, which is an opportunity for you to fill the gap.


This is probably the most obvious source of inspiration for your content, but often isn’t used as well as it could be.

If you type in a frequently asked question or a keyword in the search bar of Google (For example: How do I create content that converts?) then you’ll be given a few articles that answer the question, but if you scroll down you’ll see a box of related searches.

Clicking on each of these will once again give you some answers, but also give you more related searches! Just by looking at how people are searching for information in your niche, industry or keyword can give you the inspiration to create content that directly answers their question.

Whilst using these 3 unusual sources of content ideas may take a little time, it should give you plenty of inspiration to create your own content specifically with your ideal client in mind.

Inside The Content Effect I teach you how to create enough content ideas for your business for an entire year in under 30 minutes! No more staring at a blank screen when you’re ready to create as you’ll have plenty of ideas that’ll leave your ideal client wanting more.

Make sure that you join us here, and an insider tip for you – if doors are currently closed and you join the waitlist, you’ll get a copy of my Content Inspiration Cheatsheet. You’ll have enough content ideas for your business to last you until doors open again (and beyond!)


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