Lost your co-jo? I get it. Content creation can be hard, especially when you’ve got so many other things on your plate like serving your beautiful clients or looking after the needs of other people in your life.

When you lose your co-jo (that’s your content mojo 😁) it’s often really hard to find it again. I see so many women that simply feel burnt out and disillusioned with the need to constantly come up with new ideas and create engaging content that they stop altogether. Then finding the joy to create content again can be slow going.

Whilst I’ve also got a solution for this (check out my membership The Content Effect), I understand that it might be hard to shake off how you’re feeling so that you can find your co-jo again. So, here’s 6 ways to find the joy in content creation again.

Take a break

First up, I want to give you permission to stop. Take a break, take a breath and take time to re-evaluate what you’re doing.

Understanding why you’ve lost your co-jo is just as important as learning to find it again.

Perhaps it’s time to look at how your business is structured, whether you’re taking on too much in your life, how to be more efficient or just how to make content creation easier.

Find someone new to follow

Sometimes we need an injection of new inspiration in our lives. Ask for recommendations on a new experts and coaches you can follow. Or dive into a hobby that you love and indulge a personal passion.

Re-igniting a lost side of you can help you find harmony in your life between business and personal.

Join a community that lifts you up

Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut with the people that we’re hanging out with. Communities with negative cultures can be addictive, but they’re not good for your mental health.

Find new groups of people who are inspiring, motivating and fun to hang out with! Start with my free Facebook Group – The Content Project. You could also hang out in some of my favourite creative and business groups:

Australian Women in Business

The Female Identity Project

Discover Brand You

The Aligned Marketing Hub

Look at your insights – what’s performed well?

This might sound like a bit of a boring way to find your co-jo, but I find that it can highlight the things that we love about ourselves and that our audience loves about us as well.

Have a look at what’s performed well on social media (I guarantee it’ll be the posts about your achievements or something personal you’ve shared). How can you bring more of this to your content and love it at the same time?

Get creative – do something that lifts you up

Content is as much about creativity as it is efficiency. Reignite your create spark by doing something that makes you smile! I love to bake as a way to de-stress and show my creative side. By diving into something that brings out your creative side, it’ll show you that you can create things that you love!

Revisit your vision, values, core beliefs

I find that this is THE best way to tap into your co-jo. Understand WHY you’re in business and what you want to achieve and how you want to feel whilst you’re achieving it and I guarantee it’ll bring you a light bulb moment.

When we reconnect to that inner knowing and motivation of why we do what we do, it can bring a greater sense of understanding and help us find that all important co-jo again.

If you need help finding your co-jo, then come and be part of a group of supportive women inside my membership The Content Effect. With resources, tools, community and ongoing support from me, you’ll be creating content that you and your ideal client loves.


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