A successful team – whether remote, in person, or hybrid – is an important element in your growth. As busy entrepreneurs who often start by boot-strapping everything you possibly can, scaling (and the cost that comes with it) can be daunting. In a recent episode of the Powerful Content Podcast, Mel Daniels covered this subject with guest Paula Maidens, a seasoned business consultant with over 13 years of experience. Their conversation shed light on how entrepreneurs can navigate the complexities of hiring and team management to foster business growth and personal freedom. 


The essence of a high-performing team 

At the heart of Paula’s philosophy lies a simple idea: building a high-performance team is not just about filling roles but creating a cohesive unit that shares your vision and helps you grow. She introduces us to her signature six-pillar framework, which focuses on shifting the daunting perception of hiring into a manageable process. Paula’s approach demystifies the complexities of team building, and how, that with the right systems and mindset, growing a business doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. 


Identifying when to grow your team 

One of the most common dilemmas you can face is knowing the right time to expand your team. The hiring process often starts at a tipping point – when the desire for growth meets your capacity limits. If you ignore this tipping point, then one of two things will happen – your business will stagnate or you’re headed straight for burnout. 

Paula sees the critical nature of this decision, believing that hiring should not be a reaction to overwhelming increase in your workload, but a strategic move towards growth. The decision to bring on a team member, whether it’s a virtual assistant or a specialised professional, should come from a clear vision of how they will contribute to the business’s expansion and your ability to reclaim time and focus on more high-impact activities. 


Overcoming hiring hesitations 

It’s natural to be worried about the person you’re hiring. It can include the type of person, concerns about the cost and the quality of work to the potential risks of making the wrong decision. Paula suggests approaching the hiring process with a balance of caution and optimism. She stresses the importance of process and intentionality in selecting team members who not only have the skills but also align with the culture and values of your business. Often you’ll hire someone because you like them, rather than that they have the right skills and behaviours to execute the tasks that you need them to do. 

Paula recommends using the ‘what’ and ‘how’ method to be crystal clear before trying to advertise, interview or hire a new team member. 


The power of letting go 

It’s human nature to struggle with the idea of entrusting parts of your business to others, fearing that no one can meet your standards and expectations. Paula believes that a transformational shift occurs when business owners embrace delegation and take the perspective of ‘good enough is ok’. By letting go of tasks that others can handle competently, you can free yourself to focus on areas where you truly excel, driving the business forward with renewed energy and focus. 


Hiring as an opportunity for growth 

Hiring is not just about filling a gap; it’s an opportunity to change the trajectory of your personal and business life. Paula encourages entrepreneurs to view team building as a strategic exercise that opens doors to new possibilities. The key lies in clear communication, setting expectations, and engaging in constructive dialogues that foster a strong, aligned team. 

Building a high-performance team is an art that requires clarity, confidence, and commitment. Paula Maidens’ insights offer a pathway for you to take your business to the next level. By embracing the principles of effective hiring and team management, leaders can unlock the full potential of their dreams and create growth, satisfaction, and success. 


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