In this digitally cluttered world, knowing how to make your content stand out can be tricky. We all know how important content creation is to our business, so the pressure to get it right can be immense!

The result of this pressure can mean that we run and hide, or focus on other ‘busy’ work instead. But if you’re ready to break this cycle, then I’ve got 4 simple and easy ways to hp make your content stand out in 2023.

Know where you’re heading

Super simple, but I find it’s something many people either set and forget or never even consider when it comes to their content. Because if you don’t know where you’re going, how can you know that the path that you’re taking is the right one?

Whilst I’d love you to sit and document your objectives and goals for this year, I know that it’s not necessarily top of mind at this time of year.

At the very least, get clear on your vision or dream. This will help drive the type of content you create, how often you share it and where you’ll share it as well.

Prepare yourself (list out all the ideas now)

There’s nothing worse than feeling in the mood to create content but have it squashed by not knowing what to create!

One of the first things that I teach the members of The Content Effect is to brain dump everything you could possibly talk about. You’ll be surprised how much you come up with!

Once you’ve done this, you’ll waste less time trying to come up with ideas and more time in the creation and strategy.

Plan the first 90 days

Whilst I like to plan out an entire year’s worth of content (that’s 26 blog titles, 26 podcast titles and 26 podcast guests), I understand that’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

But having the first 90 days of your year planned means that you hit the ground running when the new year rolls around! Often I find people are still in holiday mode in January and then take a while to get back into routine as the kids go back to school in February and then before they know it, the first quarter has passed them by without any real focus.

So take an hour (that’s how long we spend on it each quarter inside The Content Effect) each 90 days to think about how you can use your content more strategically and powerfully to achieve your objectives and move your business forward more quickly.

Be clear on your message

This isn’t as difficult as some people make it out to be. I know that I struggled for a very long time trying to understand what my message was. Whilst there’s a few different elements to a message, the main one is YOU.

Once you know exactly what you stand for, what drives you crazy in the world and then how you bring this to the work that you do, then everything falls into place.

Having clarity around your message means that your content becomes a constant reinforcement of your values and ideals and how you approach your business. This draws in your ideal clients and helps you to create content that speaks to them in a way that not only helps them see what they could achieve when they work with you, but helps them identify with you.

If you’d love to know more about stand out content or are looking for someone to talk to your audience about how they can bring more of themselves to their business in a way that feels easy and aligned, then check out my speaker’s page. I live to inspire people to embrace content creation and strategy as a necessary, but fun part of their business.

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