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Do you ever feel disconnected from your online business, like it has become a mere replacement for your nine-to-five job, far from the financial freedom you initially sought? You’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs experience this, but few talk about the journey towards balance. Today, we’ll explore how to integrate the rational and spiritual sides of business to create a fulfilling, profitable venture with Sandy Hanrahan, a business mentor from Abundant Business Training. 


The disconnected entrepreneur: finding balance with your online business 


Sandy works with women in business, merging her practical knowledge with energetic magic. She believes that creating a holistic business is key to loving what you do and serving both yourself and your clients effectively.  

One of her unique insights is the importance of seeing business not just as a means to an end but as a journey that reflects and enhances all parts of yourself. It’s about integrating your rational side—the strategies, the financials—with your spiritual side—intuition, dreams, and inner guidance. 


The digital nomad lifestyle: a case study 


Sandy herself lives a life that many of us dream of: the true digital nomad lifestyle. She and her husband started travelling around Australia and overseas, working as they went. It wasn’t an overnight decision but a gradual realization that came from reflecting on their desires and life goals. 

As their children approached the end of school, Sandy and her husband began to evaluate what they truly wanted from life. They traded their traditional home for a life of adventure in a four-wheel drive and caravan, following their intuition and the breadcrumbs that life laid out for them. This powerful alignment with their inner selves and their desires is something Sandy encourages all entrepreneurs to seek. 


Tapping into your zone of genius 


According to Sandy, knowing yourself and your zone of genius is crucial for creating a business and a life you genuinely love. But where do you start? 

  • Self-reflection: Spend quiet moments with yourself asking the deep questions about what you want from your business and life. 
  • Intuition: Allow your inner guidance to lead you. Intuition might start as a small whisper or a gut feeling, but it becomes more powerful the more you pay attention to it. 
  • Imagination and dreams: Use your imagination to visualise the life and business you desire. What would your perfect day look like? 

Practical steps to harness intuition 

Sandy shares that intuition isn’t about grand visions; it’s in the small, kind, and gentle nudges. She suggests practical ways to connect with your intuition: 

  • Daily quiet time: Take at least five minutes a day to sit quietly, preferably in nature, and just listen to your inner thoughts. 
  • Be Present: When you feel overwhelmed, find small moments in the day to ground yourself—perhaps with a cup of tea on your verandah or a walk in the park. 
  • Consistent Practice: Just like building a muscle at the gym, strengthen your intuition through consistent, small efforts. 

The rational side: understanding your numbers 

While the spiritual side is vital, the rational side of business is equally important. Many shy away from financials because they seem daunting, but Sandy demystifies it: 

  • Simplicity: Keep it simple. Understand your money in (revenue) and money out (expenses).  
  • Regular review: Make it a habit to review your finances regularly. It’s not about getting bogged down in complexities but having a clear picture of where you stand. 
  • Financial goals: Break down your financial targets into manageable chunks. Instead of fixating on round numbers like 10K months, pick unique, achievable goals. 


Community and Collaboration


Building a successful business isn’t just about the practical or spiritual; it also involves community: 

  • Find your tribe: Look for groups aligned with your values. Whether through local networking events, Facebook groups, or online courses, find people who resonate with you. 
  • Reach out: Don’t be afraid to connect with others. A simple message or a virtual coffee chat can lead to meaningful relationships and support. 


Final thoughts: Enjoy the journey 


Sandy’s final piece of advice? Enjoy the journey. Business isn’t just about financial milestones; it’s about the lessons, the connections, and the personal growth that come along the way. Be playful, don’t take everything too seriously, and relish the ride. 

By integrating both the rational and spiritual elements, and building a supportive community, you can create a business that not only succeeds but also nurtures and fulfils you. 

Sandy Hanrahan is a former CFO, Accountant & Business Manager who left the corporate world to work with women in business using her unique blend of practical knowledge & energetic magic. Beyond the traditional world of accounting, Sandy has delved deep into the world of energy work studying intuition, healing modalities and generally anything spiritual she can get her hands on. It’s this unique fusion of practical knowledge and energetic wisdom that she now brings to her business trainings and coaching. Sandy is currently living the digital nomad lifestyle exploring Australia in a caravan with her partner and cheeky café obsessed Labrador. 


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