For seven years I’ve been coming up with a word to take into the New Year that represents how I want to feel in my business.

My past words include embrace, brave, presence, mission, imagine and bold. They often find their way onto my vision board as a constant reminder of what the year is all about. This year I really struggled with a word that felt right.

I knew that I wanted to really solidify the trajectory of my business, but grow felt too boring.

I knew that I wanted to continue to test and try new things, but creative didn’t feel bold enough.

I knew that I wanted to continue to be brave and courageous, but it felt too similar to last year’s word.

So, I’ve decided 2023 is all about being prepared to SHINE. I feel like it’s a good combination of really stepping into my personal brand, through speaking and writing as well as the desire to really grow my business is so many ways. Here’s how I’ll be using SHINE as my word of the year:

SHINE with my content

You know how a builder takes 3 years to do a simple reno on their own place? Or how the last thing a chef often feels like doing is cooking for themselves? That’s how I’ve felt about my content over the past 6 months.

So, it’s time to turn that around!

After some post-Chrissy planning I’ve decided to shift my focus to LinkedIn for my packages and to promote myself as a speaker. LinkedIn has always seemed a bit corporate-y to me, but I can see that those willing to pay a premium and hanging out there, so I’m going to give it a go!

I’ll be doubling down on my effort to get the Pinterest machine working efficiently. The volume of content to create can be overwhelming, so I’m glad I’ve got a team to help me shine in this area.

And lastly, you can expect to see WAY more of me and what I stand for in my content. In order to shine, I know that people need to see and hear more of me and my message both in written and recorded content.

SHINE with my expertise

An extension of shining with my content is shining with my expertise.

I know that I’ve got a unique take on content strategy and creation, so it’s about this message reaching more people!

Expect to see more:

SHINE with my values

Harmonising family and business is always a constant challenge. In the past I’ve felt resentment creeping in when I had to spend time away from my business. 2022 showed me very clearly why it’s so important to me and my family that I can choose my family without guilt.

Last year would’ve been ridiculously challenging if I didn’t have the flexibility to be available for my family. And that’s really special as family is one of my top 3 values.

So, my goal here is to move into a deep acceptance and joy at the fact that I can have a business that I love, but also be there when family members need me the most.

And then to bring more of the other top 2 values of connection and community as I SHINE with my content and expertise.

Help my clients to SHINE 

Whilst I’m always focused on helping my clients and members of The Content Effect step into confidence when it comes to creating content, this year I’m looking forward to supporting them and creating opportunities and connections for them.

Because let’s face it, this business journey is so much more fun and rewarding when you come together to make a greater impact!

So that’s how I’ll be using SHINE in 2023. What’s your word for the year? I’d love to know, so jump into my Facebook Group The Content Project and let me know what it is! The Content Projectors are all about learning, sharing and taking the steps to put it into place for impactful business growth. Putting your intention out into the world will help you focus and create action.

Bring on 2023!

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