There are so many myths that I hear about content consistency, so I thought that I’d use this blog to bust them and let you know how to overcome them.

But first, why do you even need to be consistent with your content? In a nutshell, it’ll:

  • Increase your visibility, which increases your perceived authority
  • Help your ideal client go through the client journey with you more quickly
  • Increases traffic to whatever you’re currently promoting
  • Helps you stand out from the crowd with a unique point of view that is reinforced regularly
  • Increases your reach and impact

Despite all of these benefits, I still hear the following misconceptions about being consistent with your content.

Consistency is only for extroverts

Consistency isn’t about being on camera every day. Consistency is simply doing what you say you’ll do, when you said you’d do it.

No matter what you identify as, there’s always a way to become more consistent. If you’ve completed my Content Creator Archetype quiz, you’ll know that consistency looks different for everyone.

For the Planners it’s all about batching and scheduling. For the Free Spirits, it’s all about creating the environment to be in flow. This means that you can schedule a few pieces of content, but gift yourself the space to publish content when you feel in the flow. For the Collectors it’s focusing on one strategy and sticking to it and the Observers is making time to do the things that put them out of their comfort zone.

Consistency is what you make it, not just for extroverts.

Consistency means being a content creation machine

This is the very last thing that I want for you. Content is as much about you as it is your ideal client, so feeling like you need to be a machine about it is so contradictory!

Consistency isn’t about more, it’s about quality and strategy. It’s about being powerful and strategic so that what you create feels like it’s a part of you, especially your beliefs.

You need to be on all the platforms all the time

When you release the need to do #allthethings, magic happens. Life and business flows so much easier when you acknowledge and accept your time, energy and resources. If you have a team to help you, then yes, you’ll be able to be in more places and fully utilise reimaging your content.

Another word of wisdom here – your ideal client isn’t necessarily everywhere, so chose the medium to publish your content that not only feels good for you but will reach who you’re trying to reach.

You always need to produce new content

Consistency is about being smart with your content. How can you take your one meaty piece of content (a blog, podcast or video) and turn it into other pieces of content?

Reimagination is one of the most powerful tools that you have at your disposal to help you become more consistent, yet it’s rarely used to its full potential (check out this episode of The Powerful Content Podcast to learn more).

Following a strict schedule

Consistency doesn’t mean becoming inflexible or following a strict timetable. There’s freedom in structure! Once you tap into your content creator archetype and understand how you can best become more consistent, it’ll feel so much easier for you.

So now that we’ve busted these myths, what’s the solution?

Firstly, it’s about understanding what feels good for you and then supporting yourself with a framework that you can apply to become more consistent with your content. If you’d like to know more about the framework, then download this free resource (and purchase the Masterclass and Workbook at a discounted price) so that you can begin on the path to consistent and powerful content.


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