As soon as I mention the word consistency to my community, I always feel like I can hear the eye rolls happening, mainly because they believe that consistency means more. And in some circumstances in life this may be the case. But when it comes to creating content, I believe that the answer to consistency is not about creating more, it’s about being smarter.

Here’s a few reasons why creating more content isn’t the answer to consistency.

Quality over quantity

Just like an email list, an audience or your followers, it’s all about the quality. When you create high quality, informative and engaging content you’re going to be able to connect, nurture and convert so much more quickly and easily.

Quality content also helps to increase your visibility and to be seen as the go-to expert on a subject.

Balance between high quality and quantity

One of my biggest bug bears with content marketers is how they place expectations on you that you must create a certain way or a certain quantity in order to be successful. It’s simply not true. Consistency is simply doing what you say you’ll do when you said you’ll do it!

Buying into the ‘shoulds’ when it comes to content creation only leads you on a fast track to burnout.

Fast track to burnout city

When you create more content, you’re putting pressure on your limited time, energy and resources.

If you’re a solopreneur then it’s difficult to get everything done in your business, let alone create more content.

When you’re mindful of your time, energy and resources, then you will enjoy the creation process so much more!

Reimagining helps with consistency

When you’re creating high quality content, you have the power to reuse it in so many different ways! One blog post can become at least 5 different posts for social media, the basis for your weekly email, the topic for lives, stories and reels. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to taking one piece of content and turning it into many!

Being more strategic is better than creating more

When we’re focused on creating for a purpose, rather than just creating more content, then we can be far more powerful and strategic.

Being able to think about how your content flows into a launch or a promotion gives you the ability to take your ideal client through the client journey with you with content that meets them exactly where they are.

Consistency isn’t about a blog every week or an email twice week or even posting on social media every day. It’s about finding the right balance between creating high quality content that you can reuse and formulating a long term, sustainable strategy.

If you’d like to know more about how you can unlock consistency with your content, download this free resource. By supporting yourself with a simple framework that feels good for you, you’ll be able to create the right content for your business and your ideal client.



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