When you feel like your content isn’t converting, it can be so disheartening. I know that you can spend a lot of time creating it, so when you feel like your hard work has gone to waste then it just makes you want to give up altogether.

But don’t do that yet!

If you find that you content isn’t converting, then I want you to take a step back and have a look at these 5 common mistakes and their quick fixes to get you back on track.

You’re forgetting the entire relationship

We want to sell our stuff. We want to make money. But sometimes this desire leads to a constant stream of promotional content. People have problems that they want to solve, but they don’t want their problem to be constantly shoved in their faces.

Think about the client journey for a moment. Before we get to convert, there’s connect, subscribe and nurture. When we’re constantly focused on convert, we’re not taking the time to form relationships first.

When we come to our content marketing from a human first perspective, then you’ll experience more business and personal growth.

Solution: Make sure you understand and map your client journey

You’re not using your content powerfully

Powerful content is the alignment of the WHO and the YOU, underpinned by a strong content strategy.

When we’re throwing spaghetti content at the wall, some may stick but most of it doesn’t. It’s confusing for both you and your ideal client.

When we’re clear on our objectives (why we’re even creating content in the first place), who we’re targeting, what they’re thinking, feeling and doing, and where our strengths lie, then this is going to be absolute gold for you!

A strategy is more than a pile of nice words. It’s a framework that helps you create more powerful content.

Solution: Create and know your content strategy

Your message isn’t clear enough

Now, knowing this mistake is the difference between someone liking you and someone buying from you.

They need to understand the differentiating factor between using you to solve their problem and someone else solving it for them. And the way that you do this is through your message.

A message is an evolutionary process and I don’t think anyone ever lands on one and sticks with it their entire business. And that’s because it’s something that can shift over time – a unique combination of who you serve, what you do and why you do it.

These three elements work together, but it’s communicating the WHY that most people are missing. Why do you believe what you believe? Why does it motivate you to help others? What do you think is possible in your industry? How do your values intertwine with this?

Solution: understand the who, what and most importantly the why

You’ve lost sight of your ideal client

When we first start out our ideal client may be more of a guess, than a knowing. Over time as you work with more people it changes and becomes clearer who you love working with and who you know you can get the best results for.

If someone is struggling with knowing their ideal client, I always encourage them to re-connect with them. Start dating them again and getting to know them all over again.

If you feel like you know your ideal client, but still feel disconnected with them, then try my Un-boring ideal client avatar workbook. It’s an unconventional way of looking at your ideal client.

Solution: Spend time reconnecting with your ideal client

You’re not using your content super power

When we’re told we ‘should’ be doing things with our content creation and strategy it can be quite disconnecting! I believe that everyone has their own unique content super power and when you understand what it is, own it, and look for ways to grow and opportunities to do things your way, then you’ll experience a powerful shift in how you approach it.

There’s no cookie cutter answer to content. Really, there isn’t.

Solution: Unlock your content super power with this quick quiz

If your content isn’t converting for any of these five reasons, then now you’ll have a quick solution to implement. If you’re looking to become a more powerful content creator who has the confidence to build relationships with content that will convert, then come and join us inside The Content Effect.

It’s a powerful community of women business owners just like you, ditching the content chaos to create content that stands out and gets them remembered. Doors are opening soon, so make sure you pop your name on the waitlist here.

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