Creating powerful content means using content with purpose, mindful of the person who’ll be consuming it and creating in a way that feels right for you. Such a simple idea, but it can be difficult to execute.

So there’s really two parts to this – one is understanding what your ideal client needs and the other is about your perspective and approach to content creation.

In this blog, I’m focusing on the audience side of the equation for powerful content. Here’s 5 things you need to consider before creating any content for your ideal client.

Who is it for?

I know you’re thinking, duh Mel. I know you know how important your ideal client is and how you should know her inside out and I have no doubt you do. What I see as a content coach is so many people being able to recite who they’re targeting and even be able to write an avatar story about them, but they’re missing a key component that really trips them up.

And that’s connection. What’s it like to have a friendship with the person you’re serving? What do they confide in you over a coffee or wine? What’s it like to be in their presence? Bringing the relationship perspective to our content creation and strategy takes it from good content to powerful content.

If you feel as though the connection is missing with your ideal client, then try my Un-boring ideal client avatar worksheet.

Where are they on their journey?

Often we are so caught up in getting the sale that we forget that our ideal client may not be ready to purchase from us yet!

We need to refer back to the client journey to make sure that we’re covering off all phases, not just the convert phase. So instead of focusing on promotional posts, how can we let our ideal client into our lives a little so that they can get to know us? And then what do we need to create in order to invite them on to our email list and then nurture them? Once we’ve covered this off, then we can move on to asking for the sale.

What do they need to know right now?

At different phases of the client journey, your ideal client will need different pieces of content. This is because they’re thinking, feeling and doing different things. As they get to know you and what you do better then they’ll move more quickly from not knowing anything about you through to becoming a raving fan.

If you need help understanding the best types of content to use at each phase, then download The Content Roadmap.

What can you do to help?

How can you bring your uniqueness to create an amazing outcome for your ideal client? Powerful content taps into those inner mean girl thoughts and feelings and helps them see how you can be their guide in achieving those things that seem like wishes to them right now.

Giving vs expecting

What value can you give your ideal client, just for the sake of it? Unexpected videos, downloads, training are all types of content that can be powerful when delivered from the heart.

When you’re with your friends you don’t expect them to buy you coffee every single time. Sometimes you need to shout your friends!

When we constantly expect our ideal client to hand over email addresses, visit sales pages, jump through hoops to apply for services, we’re coming from a space of scarcity. Every now and then stop and think about what you’re expecting your ideal client to do for you, and wonder what small piece of gold can I give them today that comes from a place of service?

Creating powerful content takes practice. It takes a shift in perspective from a place where we haphazardly create content for content’s sake to one that is mindful of the person on the other end consuming it.

If you’d like guidance in building an aligned audience through powerful content that gets you noticed and remembered, then The Content Effect is the place for you! This monthly membership inspires you to ditch your content chaos and start creating stand out content that connects, nurtures and converts your ideal client. You can check out whether the doors are currently open here and make sure you join the waitlist if it’s currently closed so you can be the first to jump in with super bonuses!


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