Learning is such an important piece of our journey as successful entrepreneurs. It gives us access to different ways of thinking and different options to solve our problems. It’s how understand the aspects of growing a profitable business.

But how many courses have you bought that you’ve never finished? Sitting in your inbox, waiting for that moment that you ‘have time’ to complete them? We get a rush of excitement about learning something new, but then our momentum begins to wane once we realise how much work is involved or hit a roadblock in our consumption of the content.

This is why I believe that becoming a successful entrepreneur is so much more than a course. It really needs to involve the following three elements.


People are more successful when they’re part of supportive community. They demonstrate more resilience, greater happiness and form vital connections that keep momentum happening.

You become inspired and more motivated to learn more, but also implement quicker as you can witness the success of people just like you.

Shared information as well as tips and advice also help speed up your success as you’re not wasting time trying things. You are surrounded by people who have likely already travelled your path and can give you ideas on how best to implement your learnings.


When we learn knew things we can often encounter roadblocks. Whether it’s a misunderstanding of the concepts of the content, a mindset block or just not knowing where to start to implement, guidance and accountability can help you stay focused and give you that push start that you need to run with an idea.

Guidance and accountability can come from the community itself, or ideally from an expert or leader of the community.

Sometimes all we need is a concept to be explained to us in a different way and then we’re off!


Most courses that you purchase have resources of some description – video trainings, audio and/or workbooks, so this may seem a little contradictory.

The problem with the content in courses or programs is that it assumes everyone is at the same starting point, with the same level of knowledge and experience. So often the resources aren’t really what you need for where you are in your journey right now.

Learning structures that take into consideration that everyone is at a different stage and that they have different needs are more likely going to produce results for the students.

My monthly membership The Content Effect does exactly this! By using a pre-mapped journey to inspire you to create standout content that gets you noticed and makes sales, you choose what you need, when you need it.

Together with guidance from me through a private Facebook Group and monthly group calls to help you create momentum plus a community of like-minded women who’ve got your back you’ll become motivated to create momentum with your content!

Visit the website here to check whether doors are currently open.

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