The thought of becoming more visible in your business can make you feel sick. It means occasionally coming out from behind the keyboard and showing the world the real you. But it doesn’t have to be scary!

Becoming more visible in your business is all about being prepared with content that allows you to be seen not just as an expert, but as a human being as well. Here’s my four tips on becoming more visible in your business.

Be prepared through forward planning

Showing your ideal client a little more about who you are doesn’t mean lots of social media posts with selfies or photos of you and the family running on the beach. Yes, it will include some of this, but it also needs to have a bit of strategy behind it too.

This means being prepared with your monthly content themes and topics (I usually plan an entire year in advance) so that your personal sharing is relevant to what you’re currently focusing on.

Are you talking about the freedom an online business can bring? Then yes, share that photo of you on the beach so others can see how you’re implementing that in your business.

Are you talking about how changing your food has changed your energy levels and love for your business? Then yes, share that photo of your Insta-worthy breakfast smoothie bowl!

Always try and bring it back from being just about you, to being about your ideal client as well.

Be more consistent

Being more visible involves consistency, however that looks like for you. It doesn’t necessarily mean writing an email every week or posting on three social media platforms every day.

Consistency is showing up the right number of times with the right amount of energy. Always keep in mind your available time, energy and resources when planning out your content.

Another secret weapon to consistency is re-imagination. By re-using your core content in lots of different ways you’re able to make your content go further and show up more often.

Own your expertise and step into it unapologetically

This one’s a biggie. You may need a moment to let it sink in.

Too many times I see women (and this included me as well!) feel as though they need to shrink back into the shadows when it comes to their expertise. Know how to use Canva like a pro? Then sing it from the treetops. Know how to wrangle someone’s numbers in a heartbeat? Let the world know!

Be bold and make a mark in your industry. Stand up for something you believe in. It doesn’t need to be earth shattering. My ‘thing’ is that traditional sales funnels suck! It’s not a life and death topic, but it’s something that I’m embracing more every day.

Don’t be afraid to show the real you

There are 5 phases of The Client Journey and the very first stage is Connect. This is where you begin to establish a relationship with your ideal client. If you think about how you’d connect with someone at a social gathering, what would you be doing?

Probably asking questions, listening to the answers and sub-consciously trying to find areas of similarity – whether it’s values, beliefs, things you both do, where you’ve lived or travelled . . . the list goes on. You’d likely to be quite open and friendly as well.

Now bring this into a business scenario. You should be doing the same thing with your content. Asking questions, listening to answers and being open to letting others know a bit about you.

You don’t have to show your family’s faces or describe what you had for breakfast. Whatever feels comfortable for you and helps your ideal client identify with who you are and what you stand for.

Being more visible in your business isn’t about selfies every day or doing Facebook Lives all the time. Visibility is simply giving your ideal client the best opportunity to connect with you, so that you can continue The Client Journey together.

Empowering women to become more visible in their business is one of the reasons that I started my membership The Content Effect. If you’d like to know more about using content strategically in your business whilst supported by a beautiful community, make sure that you’re on the waitlist to be the first to know when doors are open.

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