Guest post – Sarah Aktag, Eliza Stock

It probably won’t surprise you to know professional imagery plays a role in building trust and visibility with your target market but have you considered how it can impact your confidence?

Reputation is built on impressions, perceptions and opinions of what a brand stands for. Visual imagery is one of the first elements noticed when experiencing or interacting with a brand online.

Do you know how your brand is perceived? Do you know how your brand makes people feel? Do you feel good about your business?

Believe it or not, feeling good about the way you showcase your business has a flow on affect in other areas of your business.

Every business owner wants to showcase their business in the best light but how do you achieve this?

First things first. As a professional photographer, I recommend focusing on up leveling your business through professional images as they instantly make your business look more polished.

Polished = Confidence + Confidence = Trust (If you take anything away from this blog this here would be a great place to start).

How do you make your business look polished?

1. Consistency

Consistency is key to the success of your business future. From client communication, social media and written copy, all of these components need to be cohesive and speak visually to your potential clients.
When we choose an oversaturated image that’s done the rounds on several social media pages or make the mistake of uploading an image that’s blurred, over exposed or poorly lit, our target market are more likely to scroll past and skip interacting with our brand (an opportunity missed).

2. Professionalism

When thinking of a professional you can’t help but think polished. Think business men in suits with shiny shoes and hair neatly brushed back.

When thinking of professionals, we also think the best in the industry… elite athletes, leading doctors, scientists, anyone who is a specialist in their field and whom places time, effort and dedication into being great. They’re not content with being ok they want to be their best.

You want your business to come across as proficient, competent, and capable and maybe even an industry leader or industry shaker right?

If you’re not sure how to come across as a professional think about the ways you can validate what you’re about.

Do you have qualifications or experience? Tell your target market. Do you offer something no-one has? Share about this – exclusivity and knowing something won’t be found anywhere else in the market makes your offering more desirable.

Dive deep into your point of difference and make sure people know what that difference is. Your difference can be the difference between getting the sale or not.
Have you won awards? Share about it. You’re building credibility and reinforcing your professionalism.

Don’t be afraid to let people know how good you are and combining this with beautiful, quality imagery you’ll have a winning recipe that highlights your professionalism and credibility.

3. Confidence

Being consistent and showing up as the professional you are will help you to feel positive about your brand and increase your confidence.

You want to feel proud of your business and what you’ve achieved.

You don’t want to cringe when someone asks for your website url or Instagram handle.

Without confidence business owners do things like try to be all things to everyone instead of focusing on a niche. They also keep their prices low as they don’t recognise their value or are afraid to ask for more in fear they won’t get work.

Confidence ultimately comes down to the belief you have within yourself to provide the service you are offering.

When we’re confident we are more likely to progress forward within our business and open up our business world to more opportunities.

Someone who is confident in themselves and their business screams professional. They know what they’re talking about, they understand their industry, they have experience, they are engaging, they’re knowledgeable and all of this makes for a magnetic formula (meaning others can’t help but recognise the value in your service too).

Running a business isn’t easy but there are ways to make your life as an entrepreneur easier. Why not do a quick visual audit of your website and social media. Do the images you’ve used looks as professional as the brands you admire? If the answer is no, with a little awareness and persistence you can achieve the look you’re after and be the professional I know you are.

If you’d love to begin the journey to looking more professional then stock photography might just be your next step on the way to business success. Check out Eliza Stock. https://brandelizastock.com/

About Sarah, Founder of Eliza Stock

Sarah is a professional photographer and after almost a decade as a wedding photographer, in 2020 launched a product photography business. This year Sarah expanded her photography offering with the launch of her stock photography service called Eliza Stock.

Make an impact with Eliza Stock images and showcase your business with confidence.  https://brandelizastock.com/

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