It’s hard to believe that this is my sixth year of coming up with a word of the year that represents how I want to feel in my business.

My past words include embrace, brave, presence, mission and imagine and all of them always find their way to my vision board. This year, I knew what my word would be before 2022 even hit us and I’m so excited to be able to finally share it with you!

I’ve decided 2022 is all about being BOLD. Here’s how I’ll be using BOLD as my word of the year:

BOLD goals

I’m one of those people that doesn’t like to put goals out there, or work really hard on them in case I don’t achieve them.

This year I’ve made some seriously bold goals and I know that I’ll achieve them as I’ve mapped out my action items and already done work on my confidence and mindset. I’m ridiculously aligned with my vision and have hypnosis and visualisations at my fingertips to help cement my focus.

My bold goals are:

  • To increase my visibility and brand awareness. One of my action items is to appear as a guest on at least one podcast a month. I’m pumped to say that I already have January and February lined up!
  • Have 100 members in The Content Effect by the end of the year

Normally, not only would I’ve baulked at the idea of setting myself such challenging goals, but there’s no way I would’ve put them in writing for the world to see. So here they are. Bold goals that you can hold me accountable to.

BOLD ideas

I tend to immediately dismiss ideas that may seem unrealistic, or unachievable. Last year’s word IMAGINE taught me to think bigger and definitely helped me make decisions that I would’ve previously thought were too hard.

Whilst I’ve finally landed on my dream business model, I’ll still be embracing any bold ideas that come my way to promote or grow my business.

BOLD action

Whilst I feel like I’m a fairly confident person, I found that working on my confidence even more at the end of 2021 (with Melissa Schulz in Project REAL) and Anthea Cutler in her Mindset Magic Membership has shown me that by consistently working on my mindset I can continue to grow my confidence even further.

I’ll also take bold action within my community, supporting them in ways that they need and want, and letting them know how they can work with me to grow their business with purposeful content.

Bold action will also extend to my own content. I no longer feel the need to play it safe with what I say. Because I know that bold action is about strong leadership and that’s what my audience needs.

It’s one thing having bold ideas and goals, but it’s another thing altogether putting them into action!

“Be original; don’t be scared of being bold.” -Ed Sheeran.

What’s your word for 2022? I’d love to know, so jump into my Facebook Group The Content Project and let me know what it is! The Content Projectors are all about learning, sharing and taking the steps to put it into place for impactful business growth. Putting your intention out into the world will help you focus and create action. Let’s do this!

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