Wowee! What another curveball of a year. Congrats on making it through.

I really love this time of year as it gives me a chance to look back on the year that was. I do this with all different parts of my business, including my content (check out the content review training in my Facebook Group here).

Despite all of the external challenges with health, schooling and working from home, you should be proud that you’ve made it through 2021.

No matter how I feel the year has gone, I always love to write this yearly blog to show gratitude for the things that I’ve achieved. As a perfectionist and high achiever, I often forget that I should stop to celebrate the successes. This blog’s always a great way for me to take a breath and be grateful for all that has been in 2021.

So, grab a glass of your favourite beverage and let’s cheers our successes and all the things that we had to smile about in 2021.

Sharing the Love

I was able to share my knowledge and love through guesting on another 10 podcasts this year, a real live speaking gig and plenty of guest interviews and Masterclasses for other communities.

This is one of my most favourite parts of what I do and a key element in my content strategy, especially for 2022. Expect more of Mel speaking!

The Content Effect

In July I launched my membership program which was so much fun. The founding members have shown me this is exactly what I want to be doing moving forward. I reached my goal of 10 founding members and then the goal of doubling this for my first launch.

I definitely found my favourite way of launching too with Content Coaching Week. Watch this space!

Invested in me

This year I did a course, a group program and a membership, all of which have helped my business significantly. The course was to learn about structuring a membership, the program was Melissa Kay Coaching’s Project REAL, which was all about visibility and confidence. And the memberships are Anthea Cutler’s Mindset Magic which helped me stay anchored to my goals and vision, especially whilst launching and The Social Method Society which helps me stay focused on using Instagram.

The numbers

It’s true that it’s not everything, but a growth in numbers is always fun to see.

  • 8% growth in Facebook likes, crossing 500 likes
  • 22% increase in Instagram followers, crossing 1K followers
  • 8% in email list growth
  • 80% growth in Facebook Group – The Content Project size
  • 21 members of The Content Effect

The learnings

It’s been a year of growth on so many levels, but a few of my main learnings include:

  • I’m great at connecting and nurturing and my sales pages are converting well, I just need more traffic now!
  • With the right support, I can keep my mindset strong and reach my goals
  • Be kind and live in the present. Lockdown has cemented my value of family and everything I do in my business is so I can have the flexibility to be there for them.
  • I can have a business that feels good and gives me flexibility. I’ve found my sweet spot with The Content Effect and look forward to growing it to 200 members by 2023. I want this to become the main income earner for my business because I love it so much 💕

To celebrate this year’s successes, I’ll be having a glass of bubbles (of course) and booking a weekend away with hubby. We missed celebrating our 20 year wedding anniversary this year, so it’s double celebration time!

What did you achieve this year? What are you grateful for? Remember to stop and smell the roses because I know that you’ve achieved more than you think you have.

Go and jump into The Content Project and let me know what you’ve learnt from 2021. I’ll use any excuse to celebrate with you with another glass of bubbles!

May 2022 be the year of realised dreams for you and your business.

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