The client journey simply describes the way we take our ideal client from not knowing anything about us all the way through to becoming a raving fan. I look at it as a 5 stage pathway where we get to guide our ideal client, deepening our relationship along the way.

It helps us create our sales un-funnel so that we can use the power of relationships, instead of focusing on transactions to connect, nurture and convert our ideal client.

client journey

But before we can use our client journey for powerful content creation, we need to be able to articulate five different components of our content marketing. These components help us build the foundations of our strategy and craft your perfect client journey.

Know your ideal client

This is an oldie, but a goodie! When it comes to knowing your ideal client, I see a few main camps:

  1. You don’t feel confident in articulating who it is (but you’ve have done the hard yards, and really DO know)
  2. Can recount their ideal client with confidence (but don’t know who they are as a person)
  3. Have skipped over this fundamental part of their content marketing and wondering why on earth they’re not making sales

I want you to know who she is, but also have that deep connection that she’s a real human, with real feelings and someone who you’d like to take out for a coffee to get to know better!

If you fall in camp B or C above, check out my Un-boring ideal client avatar and you’ll be chatting over a cuppa with your ideal client in no time!

Know your objective

What the heck are you even trying to achieve? Because if we don’t have that guiding star, then guess what happens? I whole lot of stuff that means absolutely nothing. We end up creating things that don’t make sense, we get ourselves out of alignment with what we want our business to be and we just end up confusing everyone!

Understand where you’re headed, what your offer is and then you’ll be able to work out how to get your ideal client as a paying client.

Know your values and core beliefs

Here I mean REALLY know them. Not superficially recite them, but use them as your secret content weapon. This is where your unique value proposition stems from (and I really wish someone had told me this six years ago. It would’ve saved me a whole heap of tears and wasted time!)

YOU are what makes your business unique, so work it baby! Get deep and personal with your values and beliefs and watch the content flow in a way that’s strategic and purposeful.

Map what your ideal client is thinking, feeling and doing

So this is the core of what the client journey is about. When we think about the inner mean girl thoughts and what she’s googling when the kids go to bed or thinking about just as she’s falling asleep, then we can move her more quickly through the client journey.

Craft your message

This is another one of those things that I wish someone could’ve explained better to me. I was constantly looking for a magic formula, the perfect words, a course or person who could tell me exactly how to create a message.

But guess what? This elusive message is simply an extension of your values and beliefs and how you communicate this unique essence of yours. So get this sorted and you’ll find crafting the perfect client journey is as easy as pie.

Client journeys are build on the foundations of relationships, not transactions. And this is what I love so much about them. Because when our content marketing is considerate of the human on the other end, then everything flows so much easier.

If you’d like to know more about using the client journey to your advantage, then my membership The Content Effect will help. It’s a place to inspire you to create stand out content that gets you noticed and remembered and feel like you’re in control of your content (and business) again. Click here to see whether doors are currently open. If not, pop your name on the waitlist so you can have first access to exclusive bonuses and content.


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