Content creation can be simple if we find the right tools, the framework to support ourselves and understand how we best like to create content. Here are 6 easy ways to make your content creation simple.

Know who your content creator archetype

We are all beautiful, unique human beings and despite what you may have been told, there is no one way to approach creating content. Batching doesn’t work for everyone. Nor does just ‘going with the flow’, so once you know how you best like to create, then it’s working with your strengths and being aware of your potential weaknesses.

If you don’t know what your archetype is, check out my quick quiz here.

Acknowledge and accept your time, energy and resources

This is probably not a tip you were expecting. But so often I see people jump into creating content with passion, only to soon find that they just can’t keep up the pace. What with clients to serve, family and friends to care for plus all the other business hats you wear, there’s not always the time to be on several platforms. There’s not always the energy to put into everything and sometimes you don’t have the money or people resources to make it all happen.

When you acknowledge this, a beautiful thing happens. You release the pressure and begin to show up more fully in those places that you’ve chosen.

Create once and reimagine

The biggest resistance I come across with my clients and members is that they don’t have time to record a blog, podcast or video. I say that you don’t have time not to!

Creating once and reimagining it into so many other pieces of content is absolute gold for your efficiency and will free up more time to explore other content platforms or allow you to have some guilt free time for yourself!

Stick to what you know and love – at first

Eating brussell sprouts is hard work if you don’t like them, even though you know that they’re good for you. Same goes with content. Don’t fancy Tik Tok? Don’t bother. Instagram got you hot and bothered? Forget about it. Stick to what you know and love, build out your processes and efficiency and then add something else to the mix.

Use the power of technology

In this blog I talk about the different ways that technology can help you come up with ideas and be more efficient with the creation process. Don’t be afraid to try different options with your tech to find the one that best suits you and your business.

Create a content rhythm

Consistency is simple and easy once you get into a habit. Creating a rhythm is embracing all these tips outlined in this blog and then supporting yourself with the right framework. Adapt how to prepare, plan, produce and create a process to where you’re showing up and how often you want to show up.

Many small business owners feel like content creation is a burden and a time suck. By implementing these tips into the mix, you can make content creation simple again. You might just even love it too.

If you want to know more about supporting yourself with a framework that makes it simple, may sure you grab my free resource Unlock Consistent Content and upgrade to the Masterclass for just $7.

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