In case you’ve been living under a rock the past week, the latest and greatest news is that Meta has launched Threads, the Twitter-esque cousin of Instagram.

There’s SO much talk about this new platform and where it’s going, what’s going to happen to it, who’s on it, what they’re saying. The list is endless and quite frankly as a GenXer, it’s really mind blowing.

At the time of writing this blog it’s been live to the public for 5 whole days and I’m happy to say that the initial mayhem has died down and people are starting to realise that they simply can’t spend all day, every day on the platform.

But the big question is – should you be on Threads?

The short answer is yes, you should probably join just to see what the fuss is about. The long answer depends on a whole range of complex factors. But I’ve got three main things that I want you to think about before you jump on the trend of Threads.

Do you have the time, energy and resources?

Whenever someone asks me whether they should be doing something with their content, I will always answer it with this question.

When you release the ‘shoulds’ and doing #allthethings your life and business flows so much easier. Acknowledging and accepting that you can’t do everything, putting boundaries in place and focusing on what IS achievable means that you bring a more present, joyous energy to the things that you do want to do.

If you tend to be a procrasta-scroller, either set yourself a timer or don’t even create a Threads account as you can easily go down a rabbit hole of time wasting!

Will you use it powerfully?

If content is this powerful, then we need to be mindful of how we use it. When you create it and use it with purpose, mindful of the person who’ll be consuming it and most importantly creating in a way that feels right for you – then that’s when your content becomes powerful.

With the loose, write and post nature of Threads, it’s very easy to forget the power our content has, as well as whether we’re using it powerfully.

Whilst there’s been a real pack mentality so far of putting down people who’re thinking of using Threads to promote their business, I’d suggest that:

  1. If you’re a business on Threads, why are you there if not to use it as a tool in your client journey?
  2. If you’re a business on Threads, why are you wasting your time for no real benefit if you’re not there to use it as a tool in your client journey?
  3. If you’re a business on Threads but using it for personal purposes, then why are you using your business profile?

Having said this, the 3 main drivers of powerful content are whether you’re using it for:

  1. Good v Evil – is your content showcasing real life or giving a false perception of the world (or yourself). SO many people have jumped on Threads saying that they feel like they can be the ‘real’ them. What the heck? If you’re showing me your real self on Thread, who were you on the other platforms? I’ve already unfollowed a bucket load of people as this mismatch in personality has decreased my trust in them as a brand. If you decide to use Threads, make sure that you’re the same person across ALL of your platforms. And if you feel as though Threads allows you to be the ‘real you’, then I’d encourage you to look at how you can bring that to your content everywhere.


  1. Purpose v Noise – Day 5 and there’s still a lot of noise, although it has settled significantly. Whilst Threads is still shiny and new, and people are testing to see what lands, truly consider whether what you have to say is purposeful, or is it adding to the already cluttered digital space and brains of your audience? I really don’t care that you went and ate lunch and want to know what you’ve missed. Scroll and find out yourself!!


  1. Impact v Ego – Another tough one to pull out of Threads at the moment. There is a great deal of ego happening. Who can be the funniest? The wittiest? Pull out the best GIF? Step away from content that fuels the ego and consider whether what you’re about to say is going to make a positive impact in someone’s life.


Will you be using the 4 must-have Cs of content?

In order for content to be successful (and reminder: a Thread is content), then it should

  1. Creates a conversation

Threads are the epitome of conversations. So, if you’re not creating content with the purpose of it being a two-way street, just don’t bother.

  1. Connect with your ideal client

When you apply the idea of the client journey to your content, it’s about helping our ideal client go through 5 different phases – connect, subscribe, nurture, convert and onboard. So, if you’re missing the mark with the first step, then it’s unlikely that they’ll ever become a paying client. Despite the pack mentality of not using Threads for business purposes, it should be a way to form genuine relationships with people.

  1. Be something your ideal client cares about

Do people care that you’ve just had lunch? Do they care about the mundane in your life? They will if there’s a meaning or story behind it. This is about them as much as it is about you.

  1. Lead to conversion

Once again, if you’re a business profile on Threads and creating content, it should be leading them on a path to conversion. If Threads isn’t the platform you’ll be converting on, that’s fine. Find ways to get people into the space that you will convert them on.

There’s pros and cons to any decision, especially when it’s adding MORE noise to your already content cluttered life – both as a consumer and creator of it. Threads is a fascinating look into social interactions and it’s worth a look, even if for curiosity sake. But before you add one more platform to your already full life, please think about whether you have the time, energy and resource, that you’re using it powerfully and that your content has the 4Cs.

If you decide to take a look at the platform and jump into write your first Thread, make sure you tag me @meldbusiness so that I can join the conversation. Happy Threading!

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