Your lead magnet is a vital piece of your content eco-system as it gives your ideal client a glimpse into what you can do for them and how you can solve their problem. For you, as a business owner, it allows you to continue to build your aligned audience by encouraging them off social media platforms and into your email list so that you can continue to provide value on a consistent basis (because we all know that social media reach can be quite low).

Before you dive into creating your lead magnet, I want you to think about it from a strategic perspective. Our content only becomes powerful when we’re mindful of the person consuming it as well as how it feels for us.

Let’s delve into the ideal client side first.

What does my ideal client go to bed thinking about?

This is where it’s so important to understand all of the ins and outs of your ideal client. If you’re struggling to connect with them, download my free Un-boring Ideal Client Avatar Workbook.

The best way to choose a topic for your lead magnet is to tap into what they’re thinking that moment after their head hits the pillow.

If only I could . . .

The answer to this question will help drive your lead magnet topic.

What is the service that this leads to?

A common mistake that many business owners make is to create an amazing lead magnet, that attracts a lot of people, but doesn’t logically lead to a service they provide.

I like to encourage people to work backwards in this respect when it comes to creating the perfect lead magnet. Ask yourself:

  • What service or package does this lead magnet lead to?
  • What are the outcomes of this service?
  • What does my ideal client do, be or have now that they’ve worked with me?

How can I bridge the gap between the two?

Now you know where your ideal client is right now and what they’re worrying thoughts are PLUS the what they’ll be, do or have as a result of working with you. The question becomes how do you begin to close this gap?

What is the one small first step that they can do to feel better about their problem and feel like they’re making progress?

How does this content align with me?

After you’ve asked yourself these questions relating to your ideal client, then lastly I want you to check in with how it feels for you.

  • Does this feel like a valuable piece of content for my ideal client?
  • Does it make me feel a little sick because I’ve given away too much information?
  • Would I hand over an email address for this solution?

Once you’ve gone through these four questions, you’ll be well prepared to dive into creating your lead magnet. Remember to also keep these tips in mind too.

If you’re looking to create or revamp a lead magnet, then join me for my new five day challenge – Soulful Sales Funnels.

Over five days you’ll learn how to create the perfect lead magnet and sales funnel that is less salesy and more soulful. Creating a sales funnel doesn’t need to feel hard or icky. You can build an aligned audience who love you and are ready to buy from you in a way that feels good for you. Join us here.

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