Learning to organise your content doesn’t have to be a hard and heavy task. In this blog I could give you the exact steps that I use to stay organised with my content, but that’s not really helpful.

Because you’re not me. You don’t think like me, you don’t love the same things as me and you don’t have the same time, energy and resources as me. So, telling you exactly how to do something my way is going to set you up for failure.

Instead, I want you to take a look at some of the following suggestions and take on board only those things that seem doable for you right now. That way, when it comes time to outsource components of your content, you’ll be ready to jump straight in!

Create one source of truth

Tired of looking through mountains of notebooks for that idea you had one time when you were watching a webinar? Do you waste a mountain of time creating promotional copy every time you want to post about your offer?

The answer is to create one source of truth for your content. It could be:

  • An online project management tool such as Asana, Trello, Click Up, Monday.com
  • A Word document that you keep all of your promotional copy in, for all of your offers and resources
  • An Excel spreadsheet that has different tabs for your content plan, ideas, reimagined content
  • A separate notebook that is solely for ideas for another day
  • Creating a separate folder on your computer and being diligent on saving your files in a logical way

Having one source makes it easy for you and your team members to find what you need quickly and easily.

Have a plan

Or at the very least have a theme and an offer that you focus on each month that drives all the content in your ecosystem. When you’re ready to outsource, if your team member is creating content for you (as opposed to editing, scheduling or publishing), then they have a guide to ensure that they’re creating content in line with your objectives. It could look like:

  • one page content strategy (which is available inside The Content Effect)
  • 90 day content plan (which we do live each quarter inside The Content Effect)
  • in depth content calendar (which is also available inside The Content Effect)
  • Word document that lists out your objectives and theme each month
  • Asana/Trello board outlining the same

Record the steps

One of the greatest roadblocks to outsourcing any part of your business including your content is that no-one can do it like you. I 100% agree with this. Only you can do you. But you can help others do it similar to you by recording the steps you take to make a task happen. This will set you both up for a successful outsourcing partnership. Think about:

  • Opening Zoom, screen share what you’re doing and record it whilst talking through what you’re doing
  • Set up the steps of your task in Asana/Trello so you or your team can tick them off when done
  • Opening notes in your phone and simply dictating the steps as you do them. You can convert this to a Word document at a later stage

When you’re clear on the steps and expectations of the outcome, then there’s no grey area. You know what needs to be done and your team member understands what they need to achieve.

If you’re looking for guidance to create a system that supports you to create consistent content, increase your visibility and makes sales, then check out The Content Effect. You’ll gain a clear path you can follow that supports you to grow and scale as soon as you’re ready. Your way.

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