Not everyone has brilliant content marketing skills. And that’s ok. I’m not a natural when it comes to SEO. It takes a lot of work and brain space to get it done.

But what I do know from personal experience as well as seeing my clients and members thrive, is that with awareness of your weakness and conscious practise, you can get better.

If you feel as though your content marketing skills are lacking, here’s four that I believe everyone needs to master.



I’m starting with a big one. Your message is definitely a skill that you learn to refine over time. As you become more in tune with the WHO you’re speaking to (your ideal client), the WHAT (how you can change their life) and the WHY (your beliefs), your message will begin to attract the right people into your audience and feel good for you to communicate!

(Check out episode 32 of The Powerful Content Podcast if you want to know more about creating a powerful message)

Remember, the more that you talk about it (not just write about it), the clearer it’s going to become to you and the more quickly you’ll be able to adjust and refine it. Top tip: include a guesting strategy in your content marketing strategy

Letting go

This may seem a little strange as a content marketing skill that you need to master. But stay with me.

When you hold on tight, you close yourself off to opportunities. This means working on letting go of things like:

  • Perfectionism
  • Procrastination
  • Lack of confidence
  • What you think others think of you

Once you can let go of these things, it’ll change your perspective around the content that you create and publish!

Letting go also includes the idea that only you can do certain content marketing tasks. And yes, there is no doubt that only you do you like you do. But if you hold on to this idea too tightly then you’ll never be open to the opportunity of outsourcing parts of your content marketing.

Client journey

The client journey is how you take our ideal client from not knowing anything about us all the way to becoming a raving fan.

Once you understand WHO your ideal client is and what they’re thinking, feeling and doing at each stage of the journey, then your content marketing skills become powerful. Every piece of content you create has a purpose and it’s strategically moving them closer towards conversion. Taking time to map this journey provides clarity and will help you refine your message even further.


This one’s a bit of a contentious content marketing skill. But it’s important.

Your visibility (and therefore your sales) relies on you being very purposeful about how and when you show up for your ideal client with your content.

One of the biggest objections to creating consistent content is that you’re more of an ‘in the flow’ type creator (If you want to know your archetype, take the quick quiz here). But even the most flowiest of people can create consistency in their lives.

There’s creative freedom in structure. It doesn’t need to feel constrictive. Just supportive.

If you’d like help to master the content marketing skill of consistency, make sure that you download a copy of my free resource Unlock Content Consistency. If you’re ready to take a deeper dive into what it means for you and your business, make sure that you grab the discounted Masterclass for just $7 as well!

With the right support, you can improve your content marketing skills and feel as though your content is working for you, rather than against you.

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