I know it’s scary to outsource you content, but it’s one of the biggest blocks to your business success. And when I talk about outsourcing content, I don’t necessarily mean the creation of your core piece of content (blog, podcast or video), but rather, all of the smaller things that go into bringing this content into the world.

But first, let’s talk about what you can achieve by outsourcing your content.

Benefits of outsourcing your content

Cost and time savings

I’m a huge believer that once you acknowledge and accept that you have a finite amount of time, energy and resources then life and business will flow so much easier.

What most people don’t realise is that by outsourcing, they’re not only saving time (as someone else is doing the work) but they save money as well. Think about how much you could pay someone per hour to schedule your social media for you and compare that to how much you could earn in that same hour.

Access to specialist skills

We all know the concept of working in our zone of genius. Imagine how much quicker a piece of work will get done with higher quality by someone who not only loves that type of work, but is a specialist in that area too.

Focus on the creating, rather than publishing

I believe most people love to create, it’s all the other stuff that seems like hard work – dealing with technology, doing tasks in the right order, polishing off the piece of work and bringing it to the world.

When you outsource your content, you don’t have to worry about all the details. You can focus on bringing your beautiful creative self to your content and loving on your clients.

What you can outsource

So now you know the benefits of outsourcing your content, what are the tasks you should hand off? The list of what you could outsource and who you could outsource it to is absolutely endless.

Outsourcing the creation of a podcast or a video is almost impossible, as you need to physically record these yourself (although the other pieces to edit and bring it to the world could definitely outsource). But you could outsource the creation of your blog to a copywriter.

But the real value I find is creating space by outsourcing the pieces that go into bringing this piece of content to the world. For example:

  • Uploading blogs to your website, including finding, resizing and renaming the image, alt text, meta descriptions and formatting
  • Creating insights and quotes from your core content
  • Scheduling social media content
  • Editing and publishing of podcasts, including creating graphics, copy, show notes, uploading it to your website, creating a transcript and turning it into a blog
  • Editing and publishing videos, creating snippets for sharing to social media and scheduling them
  • Writing and formatting emails
  • Creating a lead magnet and email automations

You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to outsourcing your content.

How to achieve it

It may sound easy to just flick some tasks off to someone else to do for you, but in order for it to be a successful partnership, I believe you need to have these two things in place (as a minimum).

Be clear on your message

So many people feel disappointed or disillusioned when they outsource their content (and especially the creation piece) as it doesn’t sound like them or feel like their tone or voice.

It’s true that it definitely takes a specific skill to be able to produce content that sounds like someone else, but this feeling may also be a result of not being clear on your message, including your values and beliefs.

You can’t expect someone to create and publish content that sounds like you if you’re not 100% sure yourself what this looks like.

Supportive framework

But most of all, it’s important to support yourself with a framework that not only guides you, but also your outsourcing partner, with exactly what you’re going to create and how you’re going to achieve it.

If you’d like to know more about creating a support framework so that you can support yourself and successfully outsource your content, download the Unlock Consistent Content Framework here. This, together with the accompanying Master Class will help you discover a unique way of creating content consistently for you and your team.

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