Some days you need a little boost to your confidence. There’s no doubt that running your own business can be hard work and often quite daunting. Add to that a pinch of imposter syndrome and comparisonitis and our confidence can take a beating!

Here’s 5 quick and easy ways to boost your confidence when you’re feeling like it’s all too hard.

Read your testimonials and feedback

If you don’t have a central place where you keep all your testimonials and feedback, then consider this your sign to start one now!

I have all of mine in a word document so it’s easy to copy and paste into content I’m creating (bonus tip for you), but you may use a project management tool such as Asana or Airtable, or even a spreadsheet.

Whatever you decide best meets your needs, go and find it. Open it and read it to remind yourself how amazing others think you are. What you’ve been able to achieve for your clients and you’ve made them feel.

Knowing that you’ve helped others achieve an outcome that they truly wanted will help boost your confidence.

Take a break

What is causing you to feel self-doubt? Sometimes it may be external factors that are contributing or amplifying how you’re feeling.

My biggest tip here is to take a break from consuming content. Things such as watching the news, being a part of toxic or negative Facebook Groups can severely impact how you feel about yourself and the world.

If you need to, take this a little further. Take a break from creating or doing and remove yourself from working on your business. You may just need to take a holiday and get some perspective, especially if you’ve been working hard on a project.

Celebrate your wins

Every month inside The Content Effect on our group calls we talk about our wins. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. Write down or share with someone one thing you’ve achieved this week or month and then celebrate!

Congratulate yourself on a job well done for that boost of confidence that you know what you’re doing and you’re being an action taker in achieving it.


Sometimes a lack of organisation leads to us feeling like we don’t know what we’re doing or where we’re going.

For so long I talked about gifting myself time and space in my business to have a CEO Day. Eventually I booked it into my calendar and it’s been a non-negotiable in my business ever since.

Start small. Put aside an hour, then two, then half a day a month. Feeling in control of what you’re doing is going to help you be more certain of your capabilities.

Take a risk

This might sound a little horse-before-the-cart but taking risks and seeing the opportunity for growth and learning as well as succeeding can start to boost your confidence. Seeing what you’re capable of (and I know it’s so much more than you think it is) will help you feel more confident.

Choose your support network

There’s nothing better to boost your confidence that to be surrounded by supportive people. Knowing that they’ve got your back, can provide advice, collaborate with you and be there to pick you up when things don’t go to plan is the best back up to learning to take risks and celebrating your wins.

If you need a supportive network, accountability to plan or even somewhere to celebrate your wins, then I’d love to see you inside The Content Effect. My membership is a community where you can begin to ditch the content chaos and create powerful content with all the tools, resources, community and support that you need to stand out from the crowd. You can join us on the inside here.

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